3 Pieces of Advice to Become a Successful Software Engineer

July 15, 2020

Join Google Engineer & Outco Alumni Sergey Piterman and Outco Sales Engineer Shiv Gogna as they discuss 3 pieces of advice to become a successful software engineer. Listen in as Sergey and Shiv explain how to get better at problem-solving, how to create systems to support your success, and how to adopt the right mindset for growth as an engineer.
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Webinar: First Steps: Career Transitioning 101

July 7, 2020

If you are considering making a career change, this webinar will cover practical and successful strategies that we suggest should be taken in the very early stages of the process. We will share easy-to-use methods and tools that will help you gain a deeper understanding of your strengths, gaps, opportunities, and challenges and how these can be used to launch a successful career transition.

Discover The Top 5 Ways To Enable Your It To Support Remote Work

June 30, 2020

More companies are encouraging employees to work from home. For the IT department, this creates unique challenges related to virtual desktop, managing capacity and maintaining controls. Learn how organizations have been managing their technology through these trying times. Lessons learned can be applied to your organization as the new work environments continue to evolve.