3 Daily Ways to Achieve Your Biggest Goals

Can you believe February is almost over already? It’s crazy how fast life is going these days.

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The heart of our tech community is you and the other people who drive innovation forward. As good as you may be at succeeding, it can be a challenge to reset realistic goals and actively work towards them. For instance, how’d those New Years’ resolutions go? They probably faded in the rearview mirror as work and life ramped up and you got busy, right?

Resolutions are hard to keep. Goals are hard to reach. To do lists get overwhelming. If you’re like me, you get excited and get started on taking actions that need follow up. Then life and all it’s distractions come in and even trying to refocus seems like a herculean task. Thankfully there are some ways to help you keep on track.

Here are three simple ways you can improve your chances of following through on reaching your goals that matter.

  1. Pick three important tasks to focus on every day. At least one of them should be related to a stretch goal that’s connected to a smart goal. What are the three things to do today that would make the biggest difference? Do them and don’t worry about the other tasks that end up being put off to another day.
  2. Understand the why behind what you want. Simon Sinek’s famous video and book “Start with Why” focus on how a company figures out it’s ‘why’. His instructions are helpful to discover your personal ‘why’s’ also. My coaching clients and I have also found great success with the technique of asking yourself ‘why’ five times when you choose a goal.This technique was created by Sakichi Toyoda for problem solving at Toyota, but it’s also great to strengthen your commitment to achieve your goals. By the fifth ‘why’ you’ll either decide the goal isn’t so important or you’ll be clear on how important the goal is to you. Knowing why this is important to you is what will push you through the inevitable challenges that’ll pop up on the road to achieve your goal.
  1. Rotate focusing these task between the main areas of your life: spiritual, family, financial, mental, physical and health, work and career, and personal and social. Note which three categories you use each day and make a point of creating more goals around the areas of your life that aren’t getting as much attention.

I hope these tips can help your current goals make it to the finish line instead of being forgotten like most of our resolutions.

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