5 Important Business Benefits of DevOps

In recent years, the DevOps movement has been growing rapidly and more businesses are joining in the chance to prioritize their development and operations efforts through agile business strategies. Furthermore, DevOps is becoming an essential tool for startup. However, before you make the huge jump and implement DevOps strategies, it’s critical you are aware of what it brings to the table.

Below are the top five benefits business are likely to reap from DevOps. These benefits will go a long way in ensuring that you realize the numerous opportunities that come with implementing the new system.

1. Advanced Capabilities for Customer Experience

Businesses are in a better position to develop their proprietary solution even faster than before, so they are better able to serve their clients. This transforms to better client services for the business. In fact, the adoption of DevOps had increased by 74 percent in 2016.

Due to the adoption of this technology, businesses have reported a 70 percent improvement in customer experience. Improving customer experience goes hand in hand with improving revenue and profits.

2. Improved Employee Productivity

In many organizations, the IT department is constantly pressured to achieve more with less, and automation tools are critical for DevOps adoption, which helps in this regard. After adopting DevOps, expect at least a 43 percent improvement on your employee productivity.

Tracking of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in relation to employee productivity can help remove the guesswork out of the statistic. Achieving 43 percent more work from your employees translates to more time and opportunity for new projects and innovation.

3. More Time to Innovate

After implementing DevOps, your business has the capacity to streamline its processes as well as improve efficiency. As mentioned earlier, your employees (as well as yourself) get enough time to dedicate to brainstorming new product ideas within the work schedule. The more time you put into innovation and product improvement, the more your business is likely to succeed.

Some of the world’s best companies set aside time specifically for innovation, creation of new products or even trying out different strategies to achieving even better results. DevOps implementation, in collaboration with tools like loggly.com, leaves you with time for innovating and problem-solving for better products. This will definitely help your business growth and expansion in the long term.

4. Swift Deployment

Implementing DevOps helps businesses make faster product deployments due to new systems, processes, and applications. The reason is DevOps adoption makes your business’ operations even more efficient. In fact, you are in a better position to deliver results faster than before, since the entire development and deployment process takes less time for employees to complete as they work as a team.  

This is a definite positive for any business. Furthermore, your business will also realize consistently improved timing for results. In the end, this is one of the greatest benefits of implementing DevOps in the business environment.

5. Improved Office Morale

Implementing DevOps helps boost team morale around your business. DevOps leads to better office group effort and communication. The more your employees are able to collaborate and communicate, the better they get at working together.

One of the most effective team management practices is improving your employee camaraderie and boosting their morale. The objective is everyone becomes happy, leading to faster completion of work and achievement of business objectives – another great benefit of DevOps implementation.


Implementing DevOps in your business operations has a huge positive effect on your operations. These five advantages will help improve your business’ customer experiences, efficiency, and staff communication and collaboration. Start researching on DevOps today so you can make the most efficient, effective transition to new processes that make business sense.

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