New Tech Hackathon Spotlight: HackSea coming up on 10/27

Each week in the New Tech Newsletter we feature a Spotlight Q&A with founders, angels, New Tech alumni presenters, and other people or companies in our community we believe you’d like to learn about. Reach out if you’d like to recommend a startup, founder, angel, accelerator, or New Tech alumni presenter for us to spotlight … Read more

New Tech Founder Spotlight : D Sangeeta of Gotara – Closing the gender gap in STEM+ fields

Each week in the New Tech Newsletter we feature a Spotlight Q&A with founders, angels, New Tech alumni presenters, and other people or companies in our community we believe you’d like to learn about. This week we spoke with D Sangeeta, the Founder of Gotara! Gotara’s Mantra is “To drive diversity in every thought and … Read more

New Tech DEI May Monthly Meeting

Please join us to learn more and meet new friends interested in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Christy Johnson will facilitate the monthly meeting (occurs the 4th Thursday of every month at 10:30am). The event is open to anyone wanting to make real change happen. If you have friends or colleagues who are interested, please share … Read more

3 Ways You Can Get More LinkedIn Recommendations 

It’s hard to believe, but LinkedIn is a teenager. In a quick 17 years, it has become one of the most important social media tools for those looking to make a career change or to land the perfect job. With over 500 million users, LinkedIn offers access to nine million organizations and generally has over … Read more

5 Networking Tips to Try Now

If I were to ask you whether you feel comfortable virtually networking with people, what would you say? Most people—probably you included—feel out of their depth. Networking, in-person or virtually, is definitely one of those skills that needs to be learned through hands-on practice. So, with Thursday’s New Tech Virtual Job Fair in mind, here are … Read more

The Value of IT Certifications

The following article is from our friends at Tombolo Institute to support folks looking to upskill their careers. As IT leaders scramble to close the skills gaps within their organizations, hiring candidates with the right IT certifications is becoming increasingly advantageous. Hiring managers are under tremendous pressure to find new hires who can quickly become … Read more

Top Five Considerations Before Pivoting Your Startup

Tomorrow is  the first day of fall, the world is changing almost daily, and you may be thinking of shaking things up. Pivoting, or changing your company’s direction, market or product features, is a popular trend for startups and might be something you are considering. As examples, in 2006, a startup in Bellevue launched a … Read more

Top 5 Simple Time Management Tips

This has been a crazy year. Maybe the craziest in our lifetimes. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling like we keep getting tossed back and forth. Time seems to be bouncing from fast forward to pause inside a tumbler rolling down a hill. Add to that how busy work has gotten (if you’re … Read more

9 Resume Fails That Are Killing Your Chances of Getting Hired

You’re a week away from our New Tech Virtual Job Fair and if you’re thinking of switching to a new great career, now is the time! To prep you for the job fair, and help in your career search, this week’s newsletter topic for you is: 9 resume fails that will kill your chances of … Read more

Choosing a Business Entity When Forming Your Company

Whether hustle grows during uncertain times, or necessity throws us on to new paths, some of the most successful businesses in history started during bad economic times. Opportunity can be found in most situations including in COVID times. When you start a new business one of the first steps is to make sure you set … Read more

16 Surprising Stats on Remote Work ‍Burnout

The following article was originally published by our friends at F4S who recently conducted and published this extensive research on the many mental health issues that workers are currently facing especially at a time where Covid-19 has accelerated the remote/work-from-home workforce. Burnout destroys productivity, creativity and mental health — not to mention staff retention. But … Read more

How To Stop Procrastinating: This is How You Get Things Done

We’re all sliding up and down the scale of being overwhelmed these days. Since one of our partners, Ink + Volt, put out a great article with tips on cutting through procrastination and achieving your goals we’re sharing it with you today: “Lost time is never found again.” Benjamin Franklin If you are a chronic procrastinator, … Read more