10 things great leaders never say to their employees

As a leader, managing people will probably always be your toughest task. Are you giving your employees the tools and support they need to get their jobs done efficiently and effectively? Do they respect you and their coworkers? Are they engaged and fulfilled in their roles? Each of these questions – and countless others – … Read more

How to lead authentically without oversharing: 8 dos and don’ts

  Authentic leadership is built on the premise that leaders should strive to be transparent, or willing to show as much of their feelings as they can, without stepping over boundaries. Handled skillfully, authenticity can help build trust and bring together work groups to pursue common goals, ultimately increasing job satisfaction and productivity. But where … Read more

A tried-and-true guide to managing remote employees

Managing remote employees requires a mental leap for traditionally minded managers, who tend to judge productivity based on workers’ “desk time” and activity levels. Instead, remote work requires that managers focus on what gets done and whether it meets well-defined quality standards. It’s a strange combination of letting go and holding employees accountable. Unfortunately, there’s … Read more

7 Top HR Mistakes Companies Make

It’s easy to ignore the human resources side of your business when things are flowing smoothly. After all, there are far more pressing concerns nagging us each day. Relations with employees can be enjoyable and fulfilling or time-consuming and terrifying, depending on the situation. This is why New Tech has partnered with Insperity to offer … Read more