Black Lives Matter. 110 Things You Can do Right Now as an Ally and Advocate

The compounding elements of police violence, racism, economic hardship, a global pandemic, political division, and the racist murders of George Floyd, Christian Cooper, Armaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony Dade, Emerald Black, Manuel Ellis, Bennie Branch and so many more of our other Black neighbors in such a short period of time is both heartbreaking and overwhelming. It’s a hard time to be alive and hard to know how to go forward.

We live in an abundant world. We can and must share. We can and must create kindness, respect and dignity in our interactions with each other. What actions we do and don’t take every day create the world we live in and share together.

At New Tech Northwest we are led back to our principals, mission, and commitment to our community. What we can control is what’s in front of us today. Where we can show up is with our friends, neighbors, and communities.

Therefore we support and listen to the people and organizations making a difference with racial justice and anti-racist behavior to follow their lead and show up in ways they request.

If you’re a White person looking to learn more about how to support Black people your answers are in Corinne Shutak’s article 75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice.

Here are the Catalyst Projects’ 15 ways to strengthen anti-racist practice to give you ideas of more actions to take.

If you’re protesting know your rights according to the ACLU  and read the Black Lives Matter Protestor Safety Guide to protect against COVID-19, and get tips on safety, filming, how to protect against tear gas, etc.

If you’d like support in your company to create more diversity, equity and inclusion reach out to Dr. Cheryl Ingram at Diverse City and Inclusology.

If you’d like to better understand your own unconscious bias and de-bias your brain watch the film “Bias“.

If you’d like to donate to anti-racist organizations here’s MSN’s list.

If you’d like to support minority-owned businesses in Seattle you can use the Intentionalist as your guide.

If you’d like to support Black owned restaurants here’s a good Seattle Times list.

If you’d like to support Black youth STEM education locally check out the good work being done by Technology Access Foundation and iUrban Teen.

If you’d like to support underestimated folks in tech, check out our resource page highlighting organizations making a difference on this front.

If you’d like more education on anti-racism here’s some media for you to check out
Maintaining Professionalism In The Age of Black Death Is….A Lot
Rachel Cargle · TEDxBend
Dr Cornell West Full CNN Segment
Jane Elliott Interview, Part 1

If you are a Black entrepreneur or New Tech community member and are working on activities you think New Tech can give support to, please email me.

To our community members who have experienced the oppressive and racist systems that exist in our country, we see you, we hear you and we will continue to stand with you – following your lead on how to best walk with you to build a better future together.

If you’d like to listen and learn together with us Please register now to join us Thursday night for a free virtual conversation around anti-racism work: How do we move forward together?

Be well and stay safe,
Brett Greene

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