Venture Capital

37 Angels – Draws from the experiences and expertise of female investors. Investments range from $50K to $150K, and investees also receive valuable training and advice. Applications are followed by 20-minute phone call and then a pitch round. (NYC, for women)

Ascend – We invest wherever the Seattle Mariners play on TV.* When I say “we”, I mean me. Marketplace, Consumer Brands, Ecommerce, B2B Software are my sweet spots. Preferred stage is pre-seed, preferred check $100-$250K. Ascend’s Limited Partners (the people who have put their money into the fund) are a diverse group of technology leaders, financiers, and entrepreneurs. *Plus Vancouver BC.

Backstage Capital – Backstage invests in overachieving underrepresented founders and accelerates them on their path to success. These founders represent the future, yet receive little to no funding and support. We exist to change that.

Belle Capital – On the hunt for early stage companies with “at least 1 female founder or C-Level executive,” or the willingness to recruit one. This firm focuses on digital, mobile, and internet-enabled products services, as well as medical devices and CleanTech. They prefer teams with a record of experience and proven commercialization. (USA, for women)

Boeing Horizon X Ventures – Identifies and invests in startups from around the world who are developing revolutionary concepts and businesses. When we look to invest, we are interested in companies with minimally viable products, potential to scale, and strong management teams. We also look to partner with both professional VCs and corporate VCs to enhance the value of our portfolio companies.

Broadway Angels – All women, and the group invests in companies with a focus on technology. Investees benefit from funding and from investors’ expertise. (USA, for women)

Cascadia Capital – Focus: financial services and venture capital to early-stage technology companies in the Cascadia Region. (PNW, USA)

Cloud City Venture Capital – Over the next 10+ years enterprises will continue digitally transforming their businesses relying on real time data insights using 5G connectivity, future edge networks and artificial intelligence. We’re investing behind this transformation and the bold founders pursing the opportunity. (Seattle)

Curious Capital – We focus on seed and pre-seed venture capital investments, primarily in the Pacific Northwest. We invest in companies building toward a big vision. We love startups that use technology to empower, helping make complex solutions accessible to many. The core of Curious Capital is focused on Pacific Northwest-based companies, but we occasionally invest in businesses outside of that as well. (PNW)

DFJ – We like to be first at the table and we’re in it for the long term as you grow your team and scale your technology. Our investment size varies from $1M to $10M, and our typical investment is in the $3M to $5M range. We look for companies that have the potential to reinvent entire industries. (Seattle, San Francisco)

Divergent Ventures – An early-stage venture capital investment firm headquartered in Seattle Washington. The Managing Directors are Kevin Ober, Rob Shurtleff, and Todd Warren, highly experienced and successful early-stage investors. The firm invests in early-stage companies, with an emphasis on big data, virtualization / cloud, next generation applications and storage. Our experience has taught us the importance of being closely involved with the companies we invest in, partnering with management to help overcome the many challenges faced by early-stage companies. In addition to investment capital, we actively work with our portfolio company management teams and potential investment management teams to refine their plans, introduce them to potential customers, employees and investors. Cloud Infrastructure, Big Data, and Data Driven Applications. (Seattle)

Elevate Capital – We support passionate founders who are focused on solving real world problems, persevere when they face challenges, and are open to seek help when they need it. We provide the financial and mentor capital needed to build a successful company. Backed with experienced  mentors, investors, and partners globally, we can elevate your dreams into a reality. (Portland)

Fearless Fund – Fearless Fund invests in women of color led businesses seeking pre-seed, seed level or series A financing. Our mission is to bridge the gap in venture capital funding for women of color founders building scalable, growth aggressive companies. Fearless Fund is built by women of color for women of color.

Foundry Group – We started Foundry in 2007, focusing on Seed and Series A investments to help promising entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground. As our portfolio and network grew, so did our vision. We raised Foundry Group Select, a fund focused on early-growth stage investments in our existing portfolio in 2013. In 2016, we launched Foundry Group Next, which builds upon the prior decade of Foundry’s investment strategy to include investing in select venture funds. This part of our strategy represents the institutionalization of almost 30 years of personal investing in venture funds. (Boulder, CO – investing in US & Canadian companies including some Seattle favorites)

Flying Fish – We’ve seen it all. Well, maybe not ALL, but we’ve seen — and solved — most business problems and challenges. We bring decades of operational and technical experience building great products in established companies and start-ups. We still code. We understand the challenges and the tradeoffs that you will be faced with. (Seattle)

FUSE Venture Partners – plans to raise up to $100 million for its initial fund and deploy the capital to Pacific Northwest startups over 3-to-4 years. According to SEC documents, the firm has raised about $67 million thus far. Fuse will follow a similar investment thesis to Ignition, focusing on enterprise software startups at the seed and Series A stage. It will look for companies “building software that reinvents the modern economy.”

GeekWire Venture Capital Directory – A regularly updated list of venture capital firms in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

GeekWire Recent Funding List – A regularly updated list of startup funding deals in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, as reported by GeekWire. Know a recent or upcoming deal we should include? Let us know. Related Resources: Startup ListGeekWire 200Seattle Engineering Outposts, and Startup Spaces.

Ignition Partners – We are a boutique early-stage venture capital firm investing in enterprise software. (Seattle, San Francisco)

Madrona Venture Group – We are a team of thinkers, doers, optimists, pragmatists, strategists, cheerleaders and collaborators. And we work for you. (Seattle)

Maveron – We are the nation’s top VCs who concentrate on consumer start-ups only. Other venture capitalists dabble in b2b and SaaS, biotech and green—but we specialize in what we do best: consumer. We’re all about becoming partners with world-class entrepreneurs who long to build the best consumer brands. (Seattle, San Francisco)

Minimum Fundable Company Test – 20-question test asks questions related to everything from market validation to gross margin percentages, with five areas of focus: Startup Viability, Business Model, Market Strategy, Management, and The Deal.

Montlake Capital – Investing in private companies based in the Western U.S. with $5 to $50 million of revenue and $1 to $10 million of EBITDA.  We focus on industry sectors where we have deep domain expertise, including consumer and business products and services, financial services and technology. (Seattle)

Phenomenelle Angels – Invest in businesses operating in the fields of Information Technology, Bio-Technology/Life Sciences, Clean Technology, Consumer Goods/Services, and Communications. To be eligible, your business must have a woman or ethnic minority in a C-Level position, the potential to grow big, proprietary technology, be just one year until breaking even or making a profit, and have prior backing from other reputable investors. (USA)

Pioneer Square Labs – PSL is a startup studio and venture capital fund. The Pacific Northwest entrepreneurial ecosystem has boundless potential. PSL exists to champion the next generation of founders by bringing together world-class talent, big ideas, and investment capital. (PNW)

Pique Ventures – An impact investment and management company. Pique Ventures enables a diverse investor community pursue integrated investing. We provide services to business leaders and organizations in the impact investment and alternative investment industries. We develop and manage impact investment products such as Pique Fund and we are the publishers of Integrated Investing.

Pithia – We focus on finding companies that enable the blockchain ecosystem and draw a clear path to returns on funds. We’re a relationship oriented firm. No matter the details or technical qualities of a deal, we are all people with experience and circumstance. We provide access to capital, education, market intelligence, blockchain governance as well as hands-on business, regulatory, and technical expertise.

Quake Capital – Quake Capital focuses on early stage companies and takes a founder-friendly approach. Launching in fall 2019, Quake Capital, along with leading corporate partners, is launching a 5G ecosystem effort in Seattle including the launch of an applied innovation lab and accelerator program. The 5G applied innovation lab will accelerate 15 early stage enterprise startups per cohort launching new innovative products, services, and technologies and be a core element of building out a long term, and sustainable, developer and commercial ecosystem. Apply to be a part of their first cohort.

Seattle Angel Investor Ecosystem – Founder Survey Q1 2020-survey of 70 local technology startup founders who’ve raised capital from angels. The message was clear: angels need to be more visible, faster, and more willing to swing for the fences, or they risk losing the best opportunities in town to the increasingly active local and Bay Area seed and pre-seed funds.

Seattle Venture Capital Startup Toolkit – In an era where every third person on LinkedIn includes “angel investor” in their profile, it’s incredibly difficult to sort out who is actively writing checks, let alone what kinds of companies they get excited about. And if you’re looking for VC investment, it can be equally challenging to understand which funds are active, which partners to talk to, and which areas they back. Add in legal, HR, hosting, and other service providers, and it’s a dizzying amount of work just to figure out who to talk to about actually doing the work. This toolkit is a work in progress – and by no means comprehensive – meant to shed light on some of these topics for Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, and other Pacific Northwest founders.

Second Avenue Partners – a Seattle-based provider of management, strategy, and capital for early stage companies in the Greater Puget Sound area. The firm looks to invest in promising teams and transformational ideas in a wide range of areas including internet, consumer and social media, software, and clean energy, but is open to a wider range of ideas. Our investment approach is to make early-stage investments in promising ventures and build long-term relationships, actively assisting its portfolio companies in becoming market leaders. (Seattle)

Seven Peaks Ventures – Founded on the core thesis that software driven technologies are fundamentally transforming every business and changing human lives. Innovation driven by computer science and machine learning is at the core of the new digital enterprise, personalized medicine, virtual reality, and the next generation of IT infrastructure. We believe that many of the most successful startups will increasingly come from markets outside of Silicon Valley. Conditions for entrepreneurs to build and grow those businesses has never been better. (PNW)

Signal – Find and get introduced to the right VCs. (Internet)

Social Venture Partners – A philanthropic organization, but we do more than give away money. We connect people who want to give back and the nonprofits that make change possible – cultivating effective philanthropists and strong organizations that deliver greater impact, together. Side by side, we will reach a community where all kids receive an excellent education and all people live and work in a healthy environment. (Seattle)

Springboard Enterprises – Isn’t a venture firm, it’s where venture firms go to seek out women-led businesses. In addition to funding, female entrepreneurs will also find education, resources, and coaching, along with the possibility of a business showcase. An impressive 81% of Springboard companies still exist in some form. (USA, for women)

Stepchange – Is an early stage venture fund founded and led by Ben Eidelson (aka ‘Climate Papa’) that invests in product-led companies that will make a step change impact on climate. Stepchange puts product leaders at the core of everything we do—from who we invest in and how we support them, to who we seek as LPs, partners, and advisors. We partner with founders at the very beginning, making $100-200K investments in the first round of funding.

Swan Venture Fund – We are an active Angel fund based in the Seattle area, and we are interested in exciting companies with great teams, early revenues and a competitive advantage. SWAN aims to help companies achieve their maximum potential by providing the first major outside investment, continuous support and expertise to our portfolio companies. (Seattle)

Sybilla Masters Fund – A women-led venture capital fund investing in sustainable growth for gender-diverse leadership teams building better ways to live and work together.

The Venture Reality Fund – we bring expert guidance and resources to promising and early stage VR, AR and MR startups. We seek innovative companies across a wide variety of sectors – from infrastructure and development tools to content and applications. We are eager to help entrepreneurs bring industry-defining technology to market faster, and to positively impact their growth path by providing the capital, insights and strategic relationships needed at this critical time.

The WXR Venture Fund – We exist to elevate female founders and advance equality in the immersive tech industry and beyond.

Tolo Capital – Tola Capital has been part of the software revolution for decades and have deep, operational perspective on how it will continue to transform business. We practice hypothesis-based investing and are particularly focused on companies having an impact in the following areas: Domain-specific Foundation Models, AI/ML Tooling, AI SaaS Applications, AI Compliance and Governance, AI Security Tools and Enterprise of the future.

Trilogy Capital – We partner with our entrepreneurs to build exceptional companies, combining a team-oriented approach with decades of hands-on business experience.

Unitus – Leading investors from India and globally from technology, financial services, and entrepreneurial backgrounds. (International, seed fund)

Valence Funding Network – a collection of the world’s best venture capitalists representing various stages and sectors of focus. If you are a founder who is at the stage where you are ready to pitch for an investment, please connect directly with any of these investors by requesting a boost from a VC’s Valence Profile. Please be specific with what you are pitching and feel free to include links to decks you may have prepared. Some investors also may specify they are open to a general 30 minute mentorship boost. Kobie Fuller at Upfront Ventures started Valence in the fall of 2019. Valence launched our beta platform to provide a digital home for Black talent to connect, access opportunities, and aggregate their power. Valence exists to change the dynamic where Black founders receive a disproportionately low amount of venture funding (today – just 1 percent).

Voyager Capital -A leading West Coast information technology (IT) venture firm that provides entrepreneurs with the resources, experience and connections to build successful companies. Voyager invests primarily in early stage and first round growth investments in digital media, software and services, wireless and Smart Grid companies. Voyager Capital has $420 million under management. (Seattle, Portland, and Menlo Park)

Women in VC – The world’s largest global directory for women in venture capital to find each other, connect, and collaborate. (Worldwide)

Women’s Venture Capital Fund – The Fund capitalizes on the expanding pipeline of women entrepreneurs leading gender diverse teams and creating capital efficient, high growth companies in digital media and sustainable products and services. We believe that this unique investment strategy now provides the potential for extraordinary returns. (Portland, Los Angeles, for women)

WRF Capital – As a leading early-stage investor, WRF Capital works with entrepreneurs, research institutions, other investors and industry partners to transform great ideas into successful businesses. We support groundbreaking technology in the life sciences, information technology and physical sciences fields. By advancing brilliant research and early-stage entrepreneurs, we help to grow Washington’s technology economy. (Seattle)

WTIA Startup Club Investors and Sources of Capital – Discover all of the Seattle area investment sources the Washington Technology Industry Association has rounded up for your funding through Angel, Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C, Grants and Impact Investing, Alternative Funding and Debt sources.

WXR Fund –  WXR Fund invests in gender diverse early stage companies that are transforming business and human interaction with spatial computing (VR/AR) and artificial intelligence (AI).  We are the only venture firm at the intersection  of the next wave of computing and female founders.