Manage Your Boundaries, Reclaim Your Energy

Manage Your Boundaries, Reclaim Your Energy


March 18, 2024    
10:00 am - 11:30 am



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In this workshop, you’ll learn how to become more discerning about when, where, and why to use your energy so that you make the most impact.

Your energy is your primary source of creativity, connection, and problem-solving. But, at work, it can seem nearly impossible to manage the outflow of energy without feeling like you’re leaving someone or something shortchanged.


New and experienced managers, team leaders, and individual contributors.

Learning Outcomes:

  • The difference between physical and emotional energies and how they impact one another
  • Three tools help evaluate and discern where and when to apply boundaries and agreements
  • Workshop and discuss energy leaks to learn to become discerning and committed to their energy management

Facilitator: Zovig Garboushian

Zovig Garboushian is an Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Trainer with nearly 25 years of experience in marketing, management consulting, and organizational development. She focuses on providing learning and development opportunities that tap into your head, heart, and intuition.

In addition to being a certified professional coach (CPC, PCC), Zovig is a Prosci Certified Change Expert, Transition Specialist, and Narrative Big Five and Energy Leadership Index Assessment certified. Past clients of Zovig’s include AT&T, Google, Microsoft, Accenture, Southern New Hampshire University, University of Delaware, and Bungie Games.