Sustainable Artificial Intelligence-Powered Applications (SAIPA)

Sustainable Artificial Intelligence-Powered Applications (SAIPA)


March 10, 2025 - March 11, 2025    
8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Online Conference in Collaboration With Near East University, Turkiye

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SAIPA conference aims to establish an interactive and interdisciplinary forum, enabling attendees to explore cutting-edge developments, exchange innovative perspectives, and collectively tackle the evolving challenges across these vibrant sectors. Through captivating keynote presentations, insightful workshops, and collaborative dialogues, the conference seeks to cultivate an environment of curiosity, cooperation, and progressive thought. As we navigate the intricate nexus of AI applications and sustainability concerns, our goal is to inspire transformative ideas and sustainable solutions. We invite you to join us on this intellectual voyage as we shape the future landscape of AI integration, sustainability, and engineering technologies.