Five Great Seattle Tech Opportunities for Founders & Developers

We’re excited that tonight is our first  monthly Womxn & Diversity in Tech event co-hosted with Elizabeth Scallon! You’ll have deeper experiences with monthly opportunities to connect to your peers, mentors and influencers leading the way on building a more inclusive Seattle tech community. Join us!

In this busy November, there are are five great community events and asks we’d like to share with you.

  1. Help us update the WTIA Seattle Tech Universe map. Over the last four years since the last version, Seattle tech scene has grown tremendously and our innovation ecosystem is richer than ever. The insights we gained hold true today and we were able to explore more interesting stories behind the stars. That being said, we need your help in building out the online, interactive map of the new version of the Seattle Tech Universe map. To collect information for the next version, we created a survey that tech companies can fill out. (Read here more about how we designed the survey.) You can fill out this survey by Dec. 2.
  2. Dave Parker, a friend, 5X Founder and Seattle Community builder is launching a new Startup Digest Reading list called “Prepping for Exit – A Founder Perspective on M&A.” It’s a weekly newsletter with outside articles outlining how to think about selling your company from the founder’s perspective. Dave’s been part of 9 transactions as Founder or Board Member. If you’re thinking about selling your company – it will be a great resource to help you navigate those waters.
  3. Samsung’s free Enterprise AppDev Launchpad Hackathon is this Friday – Sunday
  4. Techstars free Startup Weekend Seattle: Space Edition is this Friday – Sunday
  5. Droidcon San Francisco is Nov 25-26 to meet Android engineer leaders; New Tech Members get 20% off tickets, available here! Or use code newtechnorthwest.

There’s a lot happening in our great tech ecosystem. Thanks for being a part of it!

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