How You Can Find Resources Galore to Improve Your Life and Business

Before we roll into today’s article, I want to give a shout out to the fantastic presenters from our Women in Tech event in Bellevue Tuesday night. Next week we’ll share some of their knowledge on the pulse of Seattle’s climate for women in tech. In the meantime, check out this great article on Figuring it Out: Addressing Practices That Impact Women in Technology by one of our presenters, Cheryl Ingram.

Today I want to share lots and lots of resources with you. These resources live on our website and are updated all the time. New Tech is about celebrating the cool tech creations of PNW companies and pouring love and support on the people of the Northwest.

We adore the Northwest’s culture, collaboration and community and do our best to celebrate it and inspire New Techies to contribute to making our greater community better all the time.

To that end, check out and share this list of incredible resources we offer you to grow your tech career or company. It’s important to enjoy the best of what Seattle, the #8 startup ecosystem in the world, has to offer. …and let us know if we’re missing anything worth sharing.

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