Kick off spring with us at New Tech’s 4th Annual UW Event

 eae918f6-0ada-4c7a-9baf-9a689e4136eb“Dude, you know what’s missing?” asked my friend with Energizer Bunny enthusiasm in January of 2013.Before I could respond, Red said “UW! They’re so important to the tech community. We HAVE to find a way to partner with them!!”

A week later we were meeting with Greg Gottesman at Madrona Ventures sharing our vision for building the New Tech community (Seattle Tech Meetup back then).

Greg was very supportive and asked how he could help besides spreading the word when we launched. When we mentioned wanting to include UW, Greg immediately texted Ed Lazowska and 5 minutes later we had a meeting scheduled with UW. Here we are now producing our 4th event together and have about 1,000 attendees every year!

It takes a community of people. Startup magic works because we care about each other and give first. Ask not what others can do for you, but what you can do for others. Pour love on others and they love you back. It’s simple, but it makes all the difference in the world.New Tech was built by seeing how we could help the Seattle tech ecosystem bring all the tech community silos under one roof. We reached out to partner with great Seattle tech and entrepreneurial organizations like University of Washington, Impact HUB, Geekwire,Washington Technology Industry Association, SURF Incubator, Seattle Angel Conference, Startup Seattle, 9 Mile Labs, Founder Institute, Techstars, Startup Weekend, and many others. They gave back and now we all give together.

Part of our mission is to highlight all of the great resources and companies in the Seattle tech ecosystem to help us all build better and faster. UW’s CSE department contributes greatly to the ecosystem and it’s an honor to partner with them every year.

We bring our community to theirs so you can make great connections, we can introduce students to the community before they graduate, we help companies find talent, and we celebrate some of the best Seattle companies founded or led by UW grads and professors.Our past presenters have included, which was acquired by eBay; addappt,whose Founder had 14 years of Microsoft experience before starting up, and; Spiral Genetics, which is detecting genomic structural variants from Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data, and was one of our first women Founder presenters in 2013.

This year’s presenters will inspire you by sharing the innovative products they’re creating and their stories of building their companies. So let’s get together again next Tuesday to experience how NTNW and UW CSE go together like ramen and college.

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