Mastermind Group for Tech Leaders with ADD/ADHD to 5x Business Growth in 12 Months

June 9, 2022 2:00 pm PDT
Join a one-of-a-kind Mastermind Group experience for entrepreneurs and executives living with ADD/ADHD. You have a rare opportunity to get two-for-one coaching for both your business and managing ADHD in a professional, peer-supported environment led by an expert coach who fully understands your challenges and gifts. Apply Now for the June Cohort!

About This Event

Because a large percentage of our members are living with ADHD, New Tech Northwest has partnered with our Founder’s coaching company, Epsilon Coaching, to offer group coaching and Mastermind sessions to our community.

Would You Like to Increase Your Company Growth Cycle by at Least 5X and Better Manage Your ADHD?

We are living in a time of all time high stress, anxiety and depression affecting our personal and professional lives.

While change and uncertainty are challenging for everyone, they can hit those of us managing ADHD and other types of neurodivergence especially hard. We can have challenges with short-term memory, struggle with diminished Executive Function – and it’s often more challenging for us to create habits that stick.

Then there are issues with being overly defensive, lacking confidence while overproducing, and constantly worrying about rejection. As a result, we tend to be incredibly reliant on external support systems and behavioral hacks. 

We typically put everything on to-do lists, whether on sticky notes that pile up and get lost, or in calendar apps. We need to put our medications in a spot we visit every morning, so we remember to take them. And we try to set ourselves up for success by doing certain types of activities at the same time each day. I have my meds visible on my bedside table and I keep an ADHD-friendly, spiral planner with me at all times, which I refer to often to capture spontaneous ideas and jot down tasks.

When ADD/ADHD throws your life up in the air, it can feel like starting from zero every day – leading to anxiety, overwhelm, depression, and Imposter Syndrome.

On the other side of the coin, people with ADHD are often the highest producers in their companies because we are highly passionate about our work, if it’s work that we love, and our brains are on rocket fuel every day. It’s not surprising that the C-Suites of many companies are stacked with people who have ADHD.

Why I am qualified to lead ADD/ADHD Groups

I understand those experiences! After being diagnosed with ADHD (including Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria) I recently realized how frequently ADHD had been the cause of many of the upsets and derailments in my life. 

My diagnosis helped to explain why I’ve always been anxious and feeling incompetent in many career situations, generally assuming I’m doing everything the ‘wrong’ way in others eyes because my way is often quite different from how most people would do things.

I have thought that there’s something broken about me after losing jobs, feeling disconnected from my family and co-workers, being an inattentive relationship partner, having low self confidence, despite having impressive successes, and being unnecessarily defensive – knowing that at some point I’m going to accidentally do or say something that will create a negative result. 

This is an area where I can help create positive changes for people like me. After several years of research, reading loads of books, talking to mental health and ADHD experts and professionals, I thought there had to be a better way to help more people succeed, despite dealing with ADHD symptoms.I got excited by this idea and leapt down the rabbit hole to unearth the beginning of something profound for me.  

I saw how to make the most of my education in Psychology, my experience living with ADHD, and nearly 20 years working as a business coach to entrepreneurs. My goal is to create and share workable, easy systems for people managing ADHD symptoms to be more successful in their careers, as entrepreneurs, and tech leaders and founders. 

Why you should join one of our ADD/ADHD Groups

Maybe you’re undiagnosed, but experience ADHD symptoms. While there is no replacement for a professional diagnosis from a licensed expert, if any of this feels familiar, you can take this test to assess whether you might have a neurodiverse brain.

I really want to convey that you’re not broken or alone! There are many ways to make the most of your ADHD Superpowers and better manage your ADHD Kryptonite behaviors. How would you like more happiness and less stress?

If you join a group of allies who are also managing ADHD, or establish one-on-one coaching with an ADHD specialist, both solutions can assist you in building better support strategies, systems and communities.

Imagine living in a world where you could get a slide deck done in 90 minutes, instead of spending all weekend on it? What if something was due on Monday at noon and you were 100% sure you could get it done on time, be productive, and not worry about emotional dysregulation? Would you like to learn how to break things into easy and manageable pieces?

You may never have a better working memory or Executive Function, but you can develop helpful systems that will back you up, reduce your stress, and provide more time to do the stuff you really want to do, and probably have been missing. These are some new habits and more proactive behaviors I’ve helped people create. 

“I didn’t find out that I had ADHD until I was 51. Getting that diagnosis put a lot of things in perspective for me as someone who has been starting SAAS companies for 20 years. There’s a reason why I’m attracted to entrepreneurship. First, it taps into a lot of the things I’m good at around problem solving and getting a healthy dose of new challenges. Second, I probably wasn’t a terrific employee. My undiagnosed ADHD made it hard for me to be good at taking on complex projects, staying organized, and meeting deadlines. Unfortunately, working for myself didn’t make me good at that stuff, it just meant that I couldn’t get fired. 

Brett has really helped me to level up as an entrepreneur. Together, we’ve been ramping up my executive function skills so that I can delegate better, get big projects done more efficiently, and spend more time leveraging my ADHD superpowers. I’m having more fun than I’ve ever had and becoming the entrepreneur I’ve always wanted to be.”
Richard G, Serial SaaS Founder and Chief Revenue Officer

Entrepreneurs and Leaders with ADD/ADHD Mastermind Group

Entrepreneurs and ADHD go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you’re an entrepreneur, you may know that there’s a high correlation between entrepreneurs and ADD/ADHD – and for ADHD, there are frequently one or more ancillary neurodevelopmental conditions present, like dyslexia, depression, anxiety and, less frequently, autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). 

You probably became an entrepreneur or a leader for many reasons. You may have been excited about a problem, said someone should fix it, jumped into creating your unique solution, product, or service, and then realized that you’re not good at figuring out how hard it’ll be. 

Adults managing ADHD are 300% more likely to be entrepreneurs and 72% of entrepreneurs have mental health concerns with 29% having a lifetime condition of ADHD. We’ve worked with hundreds of tech leaders and entrepreneurs and realize that this is a big issue for many of the people in our community. 

This is a one-of-a-kind Mastermind Group experience for entrepreneurs and executives living with ADD/ADHD. You have a rare opportunity to get two-for-one coaching for both your business and managing ADHD in a professional, peer-supported environment led by an expert coach who fully understands your challenges and gifts.

Apply now to join us for virtual weekly 60 minute Mastermind group sessions beginning in June. If you’re accepted, you’ll enjoy building community with 9 other tech entrepreneurs and leaders living with ADD/ADHD. In this exclusive group of 10 tech leaders you’ll:

  • Identify your most important professional and personal goals and reach them 5 to 10 times faster than your current success rate
  • Experience the unique double benefits of being in a confidential group with other tech leaders experiencing similar issues as we Mastermind on both business solutions and ADHD solutions together
  • Have the benefit of business and ADHD advice and support from both peers and mentors
  • Build important valuable relationships through weekly sessions and online 24/7 in our private Slack channel
  • Receive professional ADHD coaching
  • Learn how to lead more powerfully
  • Discover how to make the most of your ADHD super powers like hyper focusing, creativity, intuition, and more
  • Learn how to better manage ADHD kryptonite like anxiety, overwhelm, miscommunication, imposter syndrome, and more
  • Create strategic systems to assist you with your executive function and working memory issues


  • Be committed to expanding the enterprise value for your company by at least 5x
  • Be committed to increasing your company growth cycle by at least 20% in the next year
  • Be an entrepreneur or executive at a company with 10-100 employees
  • Be committed to creating support strategies and systems to better manage your ADHD



Brett Greene

Brett Greene is an executive coach, community builder, connector and promoter of cool things who helps tech entrepreneurs and executives with ADD/ADHD create strategies, support, and structures to be happier, less overwhelmed, more effective, and more successful. He has ADD/ADHD, holds an MA in Counseling Psychology and has coached, mentored and advised hundreds of executives. Some of his clients were leaders at companies that were acquired after the leaders were coached by Brett including a Fortune 50 acquisition. He is the Founder/CEO of the New Tech Northwest community of 60,000+ technologists where his members and clients include startups to Fortune 10 companies. He has produced hundreds of event experiences, worked with multi-platinum bands, been a Top 35 Social Media Power Influencer in Forbes, and spoken at the White House.