New Year, new events – what’s coming for you in 2018

Happy New Year! I hope you had a relaxing and fun break as we closed out 2017. Thank you for being active in our community of 30,000+ techies and friends building our awesome tech and PNW ecosystems with a GiveFirst attitude.

We have some exciting 2018 plans lined up for you. You’ll especially enjoy our 5th anniversary party in February where you can connect with your community, eat, drink, dance to a DJ, and test drive Teslas!

What hasn’t changed is our meetup schedule. We’ll continue to host events in Seattle, Tacoma, Portland and Seattle’s Eastside each month. You can keep an eye out for events that interest you by taking a look at our event schedule for 2018.

What has changed is the start time for our monthly events. Doors, food, drinks and networking will be at 5:30pm, the show will start at 6:30pm and the after party will be at 8pm. Moving the start time to be a half hour later helps out the folks getting off work at 5pm to have time to crawl through traffic to make it to the party and join us.

Last year our workshop series on legal and tax expertise was a big hit so we’ll have more workshops for you in 2018. Keep an eye out for their announcements coming soon.

If you’re an executive at a company looking to be acquired in the future then you’ll love our Mergers and Acquisitions Conference on February 8th. You’ll discover secrets and tips and what to avoid in preparing your business, operations, financial, legal and tax affairs to be attractive to potential buyers.

When and where are the monthly meetups?
New Tech Seattle 2nd Tuesday every month
New Tech Tacoma  2nd Wednesday every month
New Tech Portland 3rd Monday every month
New Tech Eastside (Bellevue) 3rd Tuesday every month

FYI, our next meetup is New Tech Seattle on January 9th, at the Impact Hub on 2nd Ave. Discover cool new tech coming from Alibaba, Polyverse, PlutoVR and Mercedes-Benz R&D.

What about job fairs?
Due to popular demand, we’re hosting job fairs with 20+ employers and 300 – 600 job seekers every January, April and September. Join us at the next job fair coming up on January 25th at Galvanize. Doors will open at 4 p.m. and stay open until 7 p.m., giving job seekers (including senior people who are in high demand) a better chance to attend and connect with recruiters and hiring managers. You can also brush up on your skills at our seminars and speed resume review tables. It’s definitely worth dropping by. (Contact us if your company is interested in having one of the few employer tables left).

We love our community, and we’re eager to grow. Why should you participate? Because our goal is to pool our strengths, collectively advance the Northwest’s booming tech ecosystem, and have fun. We also love to hear about your successes, so don’t forget to engage with the New Tech community via our Facebook Group and Slack Channel.

As always, I want to give a big shout-out to our sponsors, partners, presenters and volunteers, who help each year to make New Tech Northwest such a valuable and relevant hub for our community. We couldn’t do it without you!

2018 is already shaping up to be an enormous year, so let’s buckle up and lets enjoy the ride together.

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