Alisa Bajramovic

Software Engineer
I am a full-stack software engineer who loves building software with great UX/UI to improve people’s lives. My background in social history and nonprofit work trained me to value thriftiness, innovation, and collaboration. My technical experience has taught me project planning, effective communication, and prioritizing the user’s needs. I’m seeking a role at a dynamic company which leverages technology for social good.

Technical Skills
JavaScript, React.js, React Native, Redux, Svelte, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Web Accessibility Standards (W3C WAI), HTML, CSS, Semantic UI, Node.js, Heroku, Airtable, Postgres, SQLite, SQL

Front End Software Engineer, RAVO  |  06/2020 – present

  • Using React to build components and style the elements on a new website
  • Working with a team of other engineers to create a ranking and voting site with social elements

Software Engineer,  |  03/2020 – present

  • Building a new site using React/Rails that enables users to check the legitimacy of medical clinics
  • Working with a remote team, including a UX/UI designer and a project manager, to create a secure and user-friendly site

Software Engineer, Endocrine and Diabetes Associates  |  10/2019 – present

  • Update and design website for a medical practice, working closely with physician’s needs and preferences
  • Built site using GoDaddy website builder, generating a 93% InSight score compared to similar online businesses

Growth and Partnership Development Intern, Collective Agency  |  New York, NY  |  06/2018 – 08/2018

  • Researched business partners and generated leads using LinkedIn Salesforce
  • Created connections with Democratic candidates and progressive organizations

Technical Projects
Piqued – Github  |  Demo

  • A React Native mobile app that provides conversation-starting questions for different social settings
  • Used hooks with functional components to enable the use of state
  • Implemented intuitive gestures for mobile users, such as tapping different parts of the card to go forward and backwards
  • Utilized flexbox to create the impression of a deck of playing cards

Southern Abortion Access – Github Front EndGithub Back End  |  Visit Deployed Site  |  Demo

  • A Ruby on Rails/React program to help people seeking abortions learn their state’s laws, find local clinics, and track funding sources
  • Used RestClient to save data from the Abortion Policy API to Postgres database, and Nokogiri to scrape external site
  • Implemented React-Router-DOM to create a client-based router
  • Used Semantic UI and CSS to enhance user experience with the program

The Habit Tracker – Github  |  Visit Deployed SiteDemo

  • A Ruby on Rails program that enables users to keep track of their goals and establish habits that lead to those goals
  • Utilized BCrypt to generate secure password hashes
  • Implemented RESTful and MVC patterns, and designed the application fully with CSS

Flatiron School    |    Seattle, WA    |    10/2019 – 01/2020

  • Software Engineering Program – full stack web development (Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, React)
  • Created five significant projects and had substantial pair programming experience

University of Glasgow    |    Glasgow, Scotland, UK    |    09/2018 – 09/2019

  • Master of Science in Gender History – Graduated with Distinction (highest honors)
  • Dissertation: “Family Planning in Glasgow: The Medical and Political Management of Fertility, 1950-1990”

Amherst College    |    Amherst, MA    |    09/2014 – 05/2018

  • Bachelor of Arts in History and Sexuality, Women’s and Gender Studies – Graduated Magna Cum Laude (GPA: 3.87/4.00)
  • History Thesis: “‘War Broke Their Reason’: Conceptions of Shell Shock in British Society, 1918-1924”
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