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Recent Grad - Information Technology (networking)

Seattle, WA

Andrew J. Balser

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I am a graduate of the Purdue School of Engineering & Technology at IUPUI, in Indianapolis, Indiana. I received my B.S. in Computer & Information Technology with a chosen concentration on Networking Systems, in May 2018.

I am passionate about connecting people with the resources that they need to properly and efficiently perform their tasks, as well as keeping them connected.

While seeking my degree, I was exposed to a variety of interesting topics, each on a brief basis. Major takeaways from this were an emphasis on top-down network theory and design, a strong focus and understanding of the CIA triad and defense in-depth, and general familiarization with various Windows Server roles, and multiple distributions of server versions of Linux.

In my own time, I have achieved Cisco CCENT certification (which has since expired), and more recently, CompTia Network+ certification. Currently, I am in the initial studying phase for CompTia Server+, and CompTia Cloud+ certifications.

As my desire to experiment perpetuates, I am frequently tinkering with my own virtual infrastructure. This is housed on a single ESXi host, which consists of a handful of Linux servers. Each provides basic network services (DHCP, DNS, VPN, router, and firewall), to my home network. I have recently launched a postfix/dovecot mail server as an AWS instance, and I believe it will be a project that will contribute to a lengthy period of enrichment for me.

The onset of my working with VMware ESXi and vSphere was with some work that I did for The IT Academy@IUPUI. Having a mentor on hand to assist, I created a server cluster(physical), connected it to the campus network via a Debian VM, through the use of IPTables, and quickly provided myself with remote access to each of the hosts as well as the Windows Server 2012 R2 vm running vCenter Server. From this point, I was then able to create users for teaching purposes who could utilize the resource pool, provided by the collection of physical machines, to deploy and test VMs on their own. This project required close collaboration with the systems administrator for the department who oversaw the local classroom network, and required my suggestions in overcoming dns forward zone issues that he raised.

I remain extremely enthusiastic about gaining more experience with virtualization, but desire to take it to the enterprise level. It is exciting to imagine virtualization at-scale, as well as the necessary infrastructure to support it, at-scale. As the analytical problem-solver I consider myself to be, it is also exciting to think of assisting others in understanding this technology in a way that empowers them to accomplish amazing things.

My current goal is to match with an entry-level datacenter or NOC position, where I can take what I have learned inside and outside of the classroom, and execute on it in real-life. In doing so, I will be discovering and adding new skills, while reinforcing existing ones.

I enjoy a challenge as it almost always implies an opportunity to learn. I also enjoy teaching others in an assistive manner. I excelled academically, as I had a tremendous grasp on the subjects of my coursework. Because of this, I had a unique opportunity to assume an instructor-like role outside the classroom with interested fellow students who needed assistance. Inside the classroom, I was often asked by my professor to assist students who were struggling as well.


02/2015 - 05/2018

B.S. Computer & Information Technology - networking systems at Purdue School of Engineering & Technology

GPA 3.98
Graduated with Highest Distinction

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