Chris Rudnicky


Epicodus…………Certificate in Web Development 2018 – 2019

  • Programming Coursework: JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, React, C#

George Mason University…………..Bachelor of Science in Psychology 2009-2013


Elenor(in development)

Eleno-r is an online portfolio website and web application being developed for an artist. It is a fullstack application that is comprised of three sub projects:

  1. Eleno-r: React application that serves as a website portfolio for a Portland OR based artist. The Eleno-r application consumes a RESTful C# web api to display content to a user.
  2. Server: C# web api that servers as the backend of the Eleno-r application and the Mission Control application. This solution uses the Entity ORM Framework to communicate to a MySql database.
  3. Mission Control: Vue application that serves as the admin portal to the Eleno-r website. This application contains the necessary CRUD functionality to change the content on Eleno-r, and also is connected to several external  api’s that allow the artist to source content more efficiently.


QA Engineer, The Daylight Studio, 2019

  • Configured virtual machines to set up a stable environment for a Laravel project.
  • Engineered over 200 end-to-end tests using Cypress.js.
  • Provided documentation on test failures, potential fixes, and bugs found during testing.

Intern, The Daylight Studio, 2019

  • Worked in an agile environment to implement features required for each sprint.
  • Created the backend architecture and engineered RESTful API endpoints.
  • Managed application state by creating Vuex modules.
  • Collaborated with the design team and other engineers to create custom layouts for the
  • application.

Research Assistant II, Oregon Health and Science University, 2018


  • Collaborated with senior researchers to produce experiment time lines and arrange for technical support.
  • Curated datatables for tracking laboratory supplies, freezer inventory, and experiment results.
  • Designed tools to monitor mouse colony status and animal availability.

Research Assistant II, Oregon National Primate Research Center, 2015-2018

  •  Maintained electronic health record databases for the study.
  • Authored technical documentation detailing how to perform experimental procedures used in the laboratory.
  • Compiled and maintained extensive Excel databases detailing individual fluid consumption, blood ethanol concentration, and health information.


  • C#
  • html
  • Integration Testing
  • Javascript
  • React
  • Restful API
  • TypeScript
  • Unit Testing
  • vue


2018 -2019

Certificate in Web Development at Epicodus

C# / React / JavaScript track


Bachelor of Science in Psychology at George Mason University

Minor in Art and Visual Technology



QA Engineer at Daylight Studio

Wrote over 250 integration tests using Cypress.js for a complex web form used in Laravel application.


Intern at Daylight Studio

Full stack web development position using Vue, Node, Express, and MongoDB. I engineered RESTful api endpoints and classes on the backend, and managed application state with Vuex modules and developed Vue components based off of wireframes from the agency design team.

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