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Sr. Data Scientist

Tacoma WA


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Dmitry A. Archangelsky
Over 25 years of delivering AI, Data Science, and various software related solutions from initial concepts to production. Dmitry has 4 Authorship Certifications for software systems, and achievements in theoretical Computer Science research. His scientific results were published in leading Theoretical Computer Science Magazines (see below) and presented at international conferences. Some of Dmitry’s inventions became a base of companies “KNOW-HOWs”. Dmitry’s theoretical work, during 13 years as a Professor of Computer Science at Tver State University, combined with many years of practical experience in the Data Science and software development fields, is a unique combination provided a permanent success in all the previous projects.

Ph.D. in Theoretical Computer Science;
St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia (the degree is US Certified)
Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics;
Tver State University, Tver, Russia (the degree is US Certified)
Relevant Skills

AI solutions
Architectural Solutions
Data Modeling/Statistical Analysis
Solving non-standard problems
Strong mathematical background
Converting intuitive ideas to formal rules
Project leading
Designing efficient algorithms
Designing distributed heterogeneous systems
High performance code development
Efficiently resolving critical situations in projects
Communicating with customers and vendors
Documentation writing

Areas of Achievements

AI, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Algorithms, Natural Language Processing, ETL Systems, Distributed Systems, Performance Optimization, Big Data

Technical skills:
AI/Data Science: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Pattern Recognition, Image Recognition, Automatic Diagnostics, Predictive Analysis, Data Modeling, Impact Factor Analysis, Statistical Dependency Analysis

Languages: R, Python, C/C ++, JAVA, C#, Perl, Assembler x86, SQL, Bash

Operating Systems: Linux (RHEL, Ubuntu), Win 7 with .NET., UNIX (Solaris, AIX), OSX

Databases:   Oracle, Postgres, Redshift, Teradata, MS SQL Server, DB2, MySql

Work Experience:

Mar-2019 -Present.       Microsoft , WA, USA                                                                                 Sr. Data Scientist

Working as AI technical expert, performed a technical expertise of Microsoft patents, related with AI, Data Science, Algorithms and Mathematical Methods. I evaluated each patent using several predefined criteria providing a number form score and a rational for the score, made recommendation regarding continuing paying or abandoning the patent, analyzed possible infringement, reviewed analysis made by other experts.

Apr 2016-Apr 2018.       Mixpo Inc., WA, USA                                                                              Sr. Data Scientist

Performed analysis of advertisement performance, using various methods of Statistical Analysis including Exploratory Analysis and Predictive Analysis. Performed a statistical Data Modeling, Statistical Classification, all the main aspects of Data Mining. Detected factors impacting advertisement performance in qualitative and quantitative form. Led work on defining requirements of a new ETL system for the company, working on re-architecting the ETL system.

Tech. Brief:   Data Analysis, Data Modeling, Statistical Analysis, Predictive Analysis, R, C++, Bash, Python, Ruby, Postgres, AWS, S3, Redshift

Mar 2015-Mar 2016. Sears Home Services, WA, USA                                                        Architect / Data Scientist

Key personal accomplishment: created from scratch a system for processing of User Request Description in a natural language form, including creation of a model, AI algorithm for the NLP problem, architecture, design, working prototype. The system development was continued by team’s developers. It is used for Symptom Normalization as a part of Advance Diagnostics for appliance repair and for some other needs.  Created a prototype of a subsystem predicting parts needed for an appliance repair using a Machine Learning algorithm based on Bayesian Networks approach. Also did some work as a Data Analyst, specifically performed a statistical analysis for Dynamic Pricing project and Advance Diagnostics project.

Tech. Brief:  Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, Bayesian Networks, Statistical Data Analysis, Predictive Analysis, R, Python, Java, Bash, Perl, Teradata, MySQL, AWS, Redshift

Jun 2014-Sep 2014. Staples, WA, USA                                                                                                     Consultant

This role is in a Search Team. A responsibility of the team is providing search functionality for Staples E-commerce services. I worked on integrating a development environment with WebSphere products, reviewed existing code to detect errors, established unit testing.

Tech. Brief:   Windows 7, VMWare, Java, IBM WebSphere RAD, IBM WebSphere Commerce, DB2, Spring MVC, DB2, GIT, Restful Web Services, Jenkins, ECommerce

Nov 2012 – Dec 2013. Meteorcomm, WA, USA                                                                                        Consultant

This role included working on enhancements and tune up of an Enterprise Messaging System for rail roads. High availability is a key requirement for the system. My role in the agile SCRUM team included developing new features, particularly diagnostics related, correcting existing code, troubleshooting, revising documentation.

Tech. Brief:   RedHat Linux, VMWare, C++, Ruby, AMQP, Apache QPID, GIT

Jan 2011-Nov 2012. Topia Technology, WA, USA                                                                            Technical Lead

Worked for Topia Technology twice (see also period 2004-2009). The last project was a system for manipulation of distributed data for US Air Force. Technical solutions for this project use concept of Tuple Spaces (XAP implementation), based on a NoSQL data store and intensively use VMWare based virtualization. The architectural solution provided a high availability of big data, fault tolerance, linear scalability, data consistency, change awareness. As a Technical Lead I created an architecture for the system, designed and developed critical components, planned and organized everyday team activity, communicated with customers, resolved appeared technical problems, led a work on estimating Real Time Java platforms from different vendors.

Besides US Air Force project, I revised an Architecture of one Topia’s commercial project. That was a commercial project for secure file sharing.

The company management considered me as a key engineer. My role during different phases of the project included: developing system concepts, performing analytical research, participating in meetings with customers, analysis of customer’s documents and comments, writing design and development critical components, writing task list for team members, helping to team members in problem solving.

Tech. Brief:  VMWare, Linux (various), Solaris, OSX, Java, C++, Perl, SVN, ANT, Maven, Spring, NoSQL, MySQL, REST/SOAP Web Services, Map/Reduce

Sep 2010- Jan 2011. Tideworks, – WA, USA                                                                                            Consultant

At Tideworks I worked on a system optimizing loading containers on Ships. This “Automatic Autostow” feature was considered as a key feature of the product since it differentiated it from all the competitors. Constraint programming methods were used in the implementation. I worked in a group of three people. Coding was done in C++ and C# including interoperability between those two platforms.

Tech. Brief:    Windows 7, C++, C#, COM, Oracle, Perforce

Apr 2010-Sep 2010.  Real Networks – WA, USA                                                                                        Consultant

Working on a new version of Real Producer which is an application for processing media data.  I developed some new features, such as inter-process communications API on Linux version of the system, SNMP based control and others, ported certain code from Windows to Linux, debugged an existing code on both Linux and Windows platforms

Tech. Brief:    Linux, Windows 7, C++, Assembler X86, C#, Linux IPC, SMNP, CVS

Oct 2009- Apr 2010.  Orbiter LLC – WA, USA                                                                                         Consultant

Working in parallel on several projects each of which included embedded system components with RFID detectors, GPS, BAR Code reader. My contribution includes analysis and improvement of existing software, design and developing a new software, starting from the architecture and including the full stack of development, testing and delivering.  My working for Orbiter includes a full time period and a part time period, when I worked from home. The part time period was overlapped with my projects for Amazon and Real Networks.

Tech. Brief:    Embedded Systems (Windows CE 5.0, Embedded Linux), Linux, Windows 7, Java, C#, MySQL

Aug 2009-Oct 2009., WA, USA                                                                                              Consultant

Improvement of existing Amazon Global Financial System. I performed an analysis of business requirements communicating with representatives from different departments, converted business requirements to technical requirements, performed an analysis of data flow between various databases, analysis of large amount of code, designed and implemented of solutions.

Tech. Brief:    Linux, Windows Vista, Oracle, Perl, C++, Java, Perforce

May 2004-Mar 2009. Topia Technology, WA, USA                                           Technical Lead, Senior Engineer

I worked for Topia twice (see also period 2011-20012). This project was a part of SWIM (System Wide Information Management) program controlled by FAA. Our part was creating a subsystem for Run Time Management for the large heterogeneous distributed system, vid dynamically built Data Pipelines. It included Aircraft tracking data and Weather data processing. My actual responsibilities varied from phase to phase, including creating conceptual solutions, writing requirements, creating architecture, design critical components, writing plans, distributing task for team members, performing analytical research, communication with customers, helping to team members in problem solving. The company management considered me as a key engineer. My assignments included participation in Digital Avionic System conferences. My article presented to DASC 26 was awarded as a best on the session.

Tech. Brief:    VMWare, OSX, Linux, Solaris, Java, C++, Perl, Python, SVN, ANT, Maven, Spring, Iona Fuse ESB

2003.       ImageX, WA, USA                                                                                               Senior Software Engineer

The system should provide on line financial transaction for sales and manufacturing orders.  During that contract I performed job that initially planed by the company for two engineers.  I developed new features related with processing of XML documents for an e-commerce system in a full-stack range from a back-end to a front-end.

Tech. Brief:    .Net, Solaris, C#, Visual Studio, XML, CXML, Oracle, PLSQL, XSLT, XPATH, ADO.NET, ASP.NET Web Service, COM, Oracle8, Rational Clear Case

2003.      InfoHarvest, WA, USA                                                                                        Senior Software Engineer

Developed a multi tier system including ASP.NET Web service, ASP .NET application and MS SQL Server data base as back end, upgraded existing modules to .NET. I designed a new system architecture, developed critical components.

Tech. Brief:    .Net C#, VB, Visual Studio, MS SQL SERVER 7.0, Windows 2000, IIS 5.0, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, SOAP, VSS.

2002-2003   Microsoft, WA, USA                                                                                Software Developer

Prototyped a 3-tier system. The goal is to demonstrate to Microsoft customer’s ability of .Net to communicate with Java servers. Together with another developer I created a prototype of a system which allows .Net Web server using SOAP protocol to communicate via Enterprise Java Beans with IBM DB2 database for this purpose on server side a Session Bean and several Entity Beans are developed. For testing Web service JSP is used. On client-side C#.

Tech. Brief:    SOAP 2.2, C#.NET, IBM, AIX, Linux 7.2, DB2 7.2, Java, J2EE, JSP, MS Windows XP, 2000 with .NET framework

2001-2002 Advanced Biometrics Inc., WA, USA                            Senior Software Developer / Data Scientist

Biometric Door Access System / Hand Recognition System

This system was designed to identify a person using a near infrared image of his hand. I designed a new AI method of Pattern Recognition and developed supporting algorithms. This AI solution became a base of the company know-how. Developed in C++ a recognition module itself and some other modules, including Machine Learning, took part in OOD design of architecture of the system and classes. I helped to other programmers in critical points. I consulted them on C++ language, operating system, and other technical questions.

Tech. Brief:    C++, Python, STL, SQL, ODBC, XML, Java, Windows NT4/2000, VSS, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Networks

2000-2001 Lodestar Inc., MA, USA,                                                                               Software Engineer

A Portable Billing System.

I took a part in a last stage of the project. I made some enhancements of Data Manager and Rate Expert and Rate Language Compiler modules. This included several new features of a client side using Rogue Wave library as well as server-side functionality. Some changes were made to make the code to be thread safe. Working on Rate Language Compiler I used Yac and Lex. Participated in code debugging.

Tech. Brief:    C++ Visual C++ 6.0, Rogue Wave, STL, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, SQL, ODBC, XML, VSS.

1986-1999 Tver State University, Tver, Russia                                       Associated Professor / Data Scientist

At Tver State University I taught the following courses:

discrete mathematics, informatics, calculation methods, foundation of programming, linear programming, programming with Pascal, programming with C, programming with Prolog, system programming, system and applied programming.

My duties included:

– theoretical research work in areas: Information logics, concurrent and distributed systems, Pattern Recognition (see publications);

–  supervising individual work of students including their research projects MS thesis’s.

– participation in software projects;

During that period, I participated in several projects as a Data Scientist.

Software projects, included AI systems for NLP and Pattern Recognition, Medical Expert System, Educational System Generator.

Natural Language Processing System.

This system was intended as a superstructure system to “Operator Workplace”. Unique new technology of natural language analysis and interpretation consisted a core of the system. This program quickly processes a big amount of data in restricted volume of memory. My main contribution was a contribution was creating a model based on Semantics Networks, creating main algorithms, system design, Machine Learning approaches.  I developed some time critical procedures. The work was presented in II Pacific Programming Symposium in 1992. There authorship is certified by The Russian Federation Central Fund of Algorithms and Programs (RFCFAP).

Medical expert system (As part of the assignment, a translator from a Prolog-type language was written);

A system for Computer Manual Development.

Tech. Brief:    C, Assembler, Prolog, Data Mining, Pattern recognition, Language Developing.

1983-1984               Institute of Radio Equipment, Tver, Russia                                          Software Developer

Real time system of processing radiolocation signals in a Real Time System.

Tech. Brief:    C, Fortran, Assembler, RTOS(OSRV), PDP 11.

Some Publications

D.A.Archangelsky, “Air Traffic Management Configuration with Kolona™ Mobile Object Technology.” Published in the Proceedings of the 27th Annual Digital Avionics Systems Conference (21–25 Oct, 2007, Dallas TX). Available online at  (Awarded “Best in Session.”)

D.A. Arkhangelsky, M.A. Taitslin. A logic for information systems. Studia Logica, 58(1):3-16,1997.

D.A. Arkhangelsky, M.I. Dektiar, and M.A. Taitslin. Polinomial algorithms for BR-nets and for fragments of Girard’s linear logic. In Proceedings of The Second International Conference “Mathematical Algorithms” (Nizhny Novgorod, 26 June-1 July 1995), p. 14-22, Nizhny Novgorod State University, 1997.

D.A.Arkhangelksy, M. I. Dekhtiar and M. A. Taitslin. Linear Logic for nets with bounded resources.         Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, 78:3-28,1996.

D.A.Archangelsky, M.I.Dekhtiar, E.I.Kruglov, I.Kh.Musikaev, and M.A.Taitslin. Concurrency problem for Horn fragment of Girard’s Linear Logic. In Logical Foundation of Computer Sciences – St.Peterburg’94, v.813 of LNCS  p.18-22. SV, 1994.

D.A.Archangelsky, M.A.Taitslin. Linear Logic with fixed resources. Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, 67:3-28, 1994.

M. Taitslin and D. Arkhangelsky. The other linear logic. In Formal Methods in Programming and their applications, v. 735 of LNCS, p. 251-255. SV, 1993.

D.A.Archangelsky, I.Kh.l/lusikaev, and M.A.Taitslin. Recognition of Text Answers: Simple New Algorithm Giving on Impression of the Natural Language Understanding, presented at Second Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 1992.

D.A. Arkhangelsky, M.A. Taitslin. Modal linear logic. In Lecture Notices In Computer Science – Tver ’92, v. 620 of LNCS p. 1-9, SV, 1992.

D.A.Archangelsky,I.Kh.Musikaev, and M.A.Taitslin.Recognition of Text Answers:  Simple New Algorithm Giving on Impression of the Natural Language Understanding, presented at Second Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelegence, 1992.

D.A. Arkhangelsky, M.A. Taitslin. A logic for data description. In Lecture Notices In Computer Science – Pereslavl-Zalessky ’89, v. 363 of LNCS, pages 2-11. Springer Verlag, 1989

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