Dominique Davis


Data Scientist, Valorem, Seattle, WA

● Developed recommendation engine using AzureML and SQL for sales collateral

● Advised UX designers on visualizing client data in PowerBI
● Developed recommendation engine to increase workshop sales

Applied Research Scientist, DimensionalMechanics, Bellevue, WA

● Led custom training on data curation and machine learning for Fortune 500 clients ● Developed classification model to significantly reduce IT support request times
● Trained classification model to categorize tumors for leading university
● Collaborated with executive leaders to identify solutions for client use cases

● Developed news source detection model to improve media client factuality
● Pre-processed unstructured, quantitative data using Python and Pandas
● Evaluated models using metrics including accuracy, RMSE, and MAE
● Principal researcher on visual attention study using eye-tracking and biometrics

Graduate Student Researcher, University of California, Riverside

● Taught courses on multisensory perception and cognitive processes
● Developed auditory training program to aid rehabilitation of veterans ● Designed audiovisual speech perception experiments using MATLAB
● Performed HLM and PCA to discover speech patterns among talkers
● Presented research findings at leading vision and auditory conferences

Coordinator of Research Programs, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

● Programmed eye-tracking and behavioral experiments using MATLAB and Praat ● Hired, managed, and trained research assistants for psycholinguistics studies

M.A. Cognitive Psychology, University of California, Riverside

B.A. Psychology, Whittier College

Community Leadership:

Event Track Manager, Seattle Startup Week

Organized three panels and two talks from industry leaders on artificial intelligence at Techstars Startup Week Seattle, a celebration of local entrepreneurs.

Community Leader,

Connected female technologists and allies in the Puget Sound region to facilitate discussions on how to build Seattle as a leader in diversity and inclusion efforts.

Select Publications

Simmons, D.C., Dias, J.W., Dorsi, J., Rosenblum, L.D. (2015). Cross-modal transfer of talker learning. The Journal of Acoustical Society of America, 137(4), 2416-2416

Watson, D.G., Buxo-Lugo, A., Simmons, D.C (2015). The effect phonological encoding on word duration: Selection takes time. Explicit and Implicit Prosody in Sentence Processing, 85-98


  • AWS EC2
  • AWS S3
  • MatLab
  • Pandas
  • Python
  • Sci-kit Learn
  • SPSS
  • SQL
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