Abdul Hakim


Software Engineer

Bellevue, WA

Abdul H. Hakim

206-458-8947 | 1840 154th Ave NE Apt.C118, Bellevue, WA, 98007 |  hakimhadee@gmail.com


Computer Skills


· C/C++, SQL, Java, C#, Go(lang), Assembly (68000 chip), Scripting (JavaScript, HTML)


· MS Visual Studio, Eclipse, MS Visio, Linux Bash, JIRA, Slack, Sublime, Notepad++, Easy68k, WinSCP, Putty, Github/Bitbucket (Version Control)



August 2015
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Software Engineering

University of Washington, Deans List (2014), GPA 3.47


Work Experience

June 2015 – August 2015
Software Engineer (Intern), Cut2it

· Developed a web service which was used to communicate between the front end web application, and the back end database using Go(lang).

· Validated incoming data and inserted it to the database accordingly.

· Generated files in a NoSQL database containing information that was accessed frequently. The files were stored on the web service layer for efficiency.

· Used paired programming strategy to write efficient code with good design

· Tracked stories and sprint progress in JIRA

· Worked in an agile environment with bi-weekly sprints




· Created a game for Android mobile devices in Java using Eclipse with a team of 7 people

· Incorporated runnable and timer task services to create a smooth and efficient tracing game

· Followed the agile lifecycle with scrum meetings and sprints biweekly to divide and complete tasks

· Implemented a simple overall user interface with a menu, leaderboard, and game layout for quick and easy gameplay

Record Store

· Developed a record store application that allowed for storing clients, multiple CD items, and transactions to be processed which was implemented in C++ using MS Visual Studio

· Managed memory to efficiently run the program

· Used inheritance to allow modularity and scalability

· Analyzed and used different data structures such as hash tables, binary search trees, and lists

Alfred, The Wearable Butler

· Designed an application in a team of 5 people based on a proposal given by a business team using Visio, and Office to create a 40 page design specification document

· Formed a list of feasible requirement specifications that met the business team proposal and extended their initial idea with additional features in the course of 3 months

· Applied design practices by writing user stories and creating user flow, class, robustness, sequence, and wireframes diagrams

Music Database

· Programmed a music store database that held songs, artists, bands, albums, and client information in a team of 4 people using MS SQL

· Defined the overall design of the database using entity-relationship and object-relational mapping diagrams

· Enforced primary key, foreign key, and date constraints to prevent storing unauthorized data

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