Elaine Ye

Elaine (Lin) Ye

yelin.8344@gmail.com   |    415-286-4931     |     Seattle, WA    |   https://www.linkedin.com/in/elaine-ye/


Seattle University, Seattle, WA                                                                                                     2017-Present

Project experience

Hospital Emergency Department Overcrowding Prediction

·     Created predictive models to forecast the crowding degree of ED two hours ahead. Utilized machine learning models to improve accuracy rate by 20% compared to base model.

·     Performed data analysis using Time Series and Recurrent Neural Networks model with R.

Credit card fraud detection

·     Developed statistical models to detect fraud cases in 284,000+ credit card transactions. Achieved accuracy rate at 99.75% and false negative rate at 0%.

·     Conducted data cleaning, preprocessing in SQL and data visualization with Power BI.

·     Performed data analysis using KNN, Logistic Regression and Random Forest models using R.

Airline demand forecasting

·     Developed advance booking models to forecast and test airline demand, improved accuracy rate by 30%.

·     Conducted data analysis using Random Forest and regression with Python.

E-commerce Revenue Optimization

·     Developed a marketing program to incentive dormant one-time buyers. Leveraged machine learning models to process and analyze over 2GBs of data, achieved higher efficiency in consumer targeting by 80% compared to baseline methodology on back-testing.

·     Conducted data importing, cleansing and transformation with SQL. Performed data analysis using Lasso logistics regression and Random Forest models in R.

Financial Analyst Redhawk Fund, 2017- 2018

·     Analyzed data using Bloomberg database, conducted in-depth quantitative analysis and predicted assigned stock value using financial models.

·     Reduced portfolio risks by developing weekly financial report and monitoring stock performance.

Work Experience

Hua Xia Bank, Dalian, China

Product Manager                                                                                                                                        2015 – 2016

·     Increased Apple Pay usage rate by 18% and Union Pay usage rate by 34% within 3 months; leveraged CRM, SQL and Excel Pivot Table to analyze customer data and organized new product promotion campaigns.

·     Increased customer retention rate from 72% to above 90% by analyzing data to enhance customer relationship and organizing customer monthly social networking events.

·     Managed new debit card product integration, coordinated with technical and management departments to ensure project flow and budget; completed project ahead of schedule while saving 10% against budget.

Financial Analyst                                                                                                                                         2009 – 2014

·     Increased annual profit by $10M+ by analyzing and restructuring interest rates of Bank’s Acceptance Bill for issuing investments. Performed financial modeling using Excel.

·     Extended $500M+ in loans; tracked and analyzed borrowers’ performance and ensured all loans are repaid on time and in full.


SQL |  Python  |  R  |  Advanced Modeling in Excel  |  PowerPoint  |  Big Data Analysis  |  Tableau  |  Power BI | Access| Statistical Modeling | Financial Modeling


Master of Business Administration (MBA) & Master of Science in Business Analytics (Dual Degree)

Seattle University, Seattle, WA        GPA: 3.78                                                                                               March 2019 Master of Finance      Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, China                                                          2009                                                                                                                                                                                                             Bachelor of Environmental Science and Engineering    Tianjin University, China                                               2006

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