Sergey Lukin



  • Languages: JavaScript/HTML/CSS/PHP/Java/MySQL
  • Software: git, FileZilla, MS Office, Windows OS
  • Frameworks/Libraries: jQuery


  • – custom-made, client-commissioned webcomic and art portfolio, featuring:
    • /gallery: Navigable and easy-to-update gallery, showing artwork and flash animations. Data stored as JSON and parsed/displayed using PHP and jQuery;
    • /#comment-column: Portable and easily-configured comment system. Features client- and server- side input validation, with optional Google Captcha support, moderating, and admin email notifications. Built using PHP, MySQL, and jQuery;
  • – personal website featuring bio and projects, among them:
    • /projects/twitch – a simple yet polished widget that uses Twitch API to fetch user data, displaying their current status and game. Built using jQuery;



  • UW, Seattle
    • Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering, class of 2014
    • CSE 142/143: studied programming fundamentals and data structures using Java
    • CSE 154: learned web development fundamentals using HTML/CSS/JS/PHP/MySQL
  • Free Code Camp
    • Earned Front-End Certificate in January 2017
    • Learned to build AJAX-capable widgets, available on personal website;
  • courses
    • JS: Understanding the Weird Parts (completed);
    • Learn and Understand NodeJS and AngularJS (in progress)


  • Volunteer Teaching Fellow at LaunchCode (Apr 2017 – present)
    • Assisting and engaging with students at the LC101: A Code Odyssey course, exploring programming fundamentals using Python.
  • Terracon, Mountlake Terrace Office (2014 – 2016)
    • Engineering Technician (Feb   2016  –   June 2016)
    • Geotechnical Technician I (June 2014  –   Feb   2016)
      • Adapted quickly to new conditions and settings on almost weekly basis.
      • Worked autonomously with little direction direction; strove to address problems preemptively.
      • Effectively communicated engineering recommendations and inspection results to laborers, foremen
      • Authored technical reports on the daily, aimed at non-technical personnel


  • Civil Engineering
  • css
  • html
  • JQuery
  • JS
  • MySql
  • PHP


2010 - 2014

BS in Civil Engineering at UW, Seattle

Four-year engineering degree. Studied structural and geotechnical engineering.

Developed solid understanding of physics and mathematics (calculus, linear algebra, trig)

2011 - 2012

CS coursework at UW, Seattle

CSE 142/143 – programming fundamentals, algorithms, and data structures using Java

CSE 154 – full-stack web development fundamentals using HTML/CSS/JS/PHP/MySQL

Sep 2016 - Jan 2017

Front-end web dev certificate at Free Code Camp

Completed their front-end web development program, utilizing HTML5/CSS3 in addition to Bootstrap and jQuery.

Practiced JS algorithms extensively in addition to learning to build AJAX-capable front-end apps tat interface with existing APIs.

Sep 2016 - present

Online courses at

“JS – the Weird Parts” – in-depth study of how browser JS is treated by the V8 JS Engine and what it leads to, in addition to a look at upcoming ES6 features.

“Learn and Understand NodeJS” – Fundamentals of how to route requests, render content, and build an API using the MEAN stack, in addition to NPM and EJS.

“Learn and Understand AngularJS” – A study of basic Angular functionality and syntax, including controller scopes and routing, with a focus on building an SPA.


April 2017 - present

Volunteer Teaching Fellow at LaunchCode

Assisting students in learning programming fundamentals using Python, as well as preparing them for apprenticeships in tech industry

June 2014 - June 2016

Engineering Technician at Terracon

Inspected local construction sites, performed soil testing, and communicated observations through daily technical reports to clients.

Frequently worked with groups of diverse skill levels and education backgrounds.

Made a habit of proactively addressing and discussing potential problems onsite.

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