Gareth Bosch


Java, Object Oriented Programming: Built a two-player board game using Swing, included save state.

C++, Object Oriented Programming: Built a two-player domino game.

Java, Machine Learning: Made linear regression and perceptron machine learners.
Relational Databases: Designed a complete schema, built in MySQL. Regularly update an Oracle database with millions of records.

PHP, HTML5, CSS, MySQL: Designed and built a web app to facilitate access to an existing database.

Lua, Programming Language Concepts: Wrote a lexical analyzer, parser, and interpreter for a language defined by instructor.

.NET MVC: Created a web app to deliver a custom Word document to the user.

JavaScript: Developing a demo for an open source JavaScript framework.

Version Control: Collaborating on a module for open source Ember.js using git.

Requirements Engineering: Wrote specifications and requirements and design document for my app which is used by UAA faculty.

JasperReports: Using JasperSoft Studio, constructed a report on department employees that is used by admins. Troubleshooting existing reports.

Unit Testing: Wrote tests first for a program that checks proper email and password syntax.

Development Environments
Visual Studio Oracle SQL Developer Eclipse NetBeans Xilinx


Problem Solving: Troubleshoot database user errors. Identify and collect sample data for a third-party developer working on new a department system.

Technical Writing: Used standard engineering practices to document my design and implementation of a project.

Communication: Compose detailed work tickets for use by REI technicians. Write daily support emails to database users.

Public Speaking: Instruct classes of up to 30 people on ski maintenance.

Teamwork: Work with a close-knit team of service advisors at REI who work closely with the technicians.

Teamwork: Worked in a team of three on a web app for UAA HR department. Collaborated with a partner on a project for UAA.

Work Experience

Software Developer May 2017 – Present
State of Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities
Anchorage, Alaska
• Maintain database used to log State of Alaska labor and equipment usage for highways maintenance
• Administer updates to Oracle database with hundreds of tables and millions of records
• Support users in their everyday database needs, vital to department function
• Troubleshoot user issues with Oracle Forms
• Write JasperReports on department employees for use by supervisors
• Test database procedure updates
• Ensure data integrity is preserved
• Write sample data documents to support a third party developing a replacement system

Software Developer, Intern January 2018 – Present
Polynomial LLC
Sommerville, Massachusetts
• Aid in the development of the ember-animated module for the JavaScript framework Ember.
• Construct an animated demo to display the capabilities of the module
• Design components and templates to be reusable and adaptable

Student Assistant, Computing Intern September – December 2016
University of Alaska Anchorage, College of Engineering
Anchorage, Alaska
Supervisor: Prof. Kenrick Mock
• Constructed a web app, from design to delivery, to support a University-developed browser game
• Designed the app to allow easy faculty access to a MySQL database
• Developed in HTML5 and PHP
• Integrated project into existing game source code and database
• Utilized security best practices to prevent SQL injection

Service Advisor May 2008 – Present
Anchorage, Alaska
1 (907) 272-4565
• Analyze customer problems and advise on repairs their gear requires
• Organize and write detailed technical work tickets
• Mediate customer-technician relations
• Teach classes on ski waxing and maintenance
• Direct REI’s presence at community outreach events
• Organize and maintain rental gear


University of Alaska Anchorage, College of Engineering, Anchorage, AK
Bachelor of Science Computer Science 2017
Minor in Computer Systems Engineering
ABET accredited
GPA 3.52


Employee Appointment Letter Generator Fall 2016
Software Engineering course
• Implemented a web application used by UAA Human Resources admin assistants
• Designed application to generate custom Word documents
• Worked in a team of three from design to delivery
• Built in ASP.NET MVC
• Utilized version control with existing University code repository
• Integrated with existing employee login system
Senior Capstone Project: Spirit Quest Spring 2017
• Developed a web app for game writers to save content to the web game database
• Designed the program to respect complex primary key constraints
• Utilized JavaScript for dynamic form generation
• Engineered project specifications and requirements documentation
• Wrote finished application design documentation
• Continued work performed during Computing Internship
Spaceflight database Spring 2015
Database Systems course
• Designed and built a relational database
• Constructed in command line with MySQL and Apache server
• Applied many-to-many and one-to-many table relationships, indexes
• Documented with ER diagram, table schemas, data dictionary, and query examples
• Implemented access through a webpage with PHP to insert,


  • C++
  • Ember JS
  • Jasper Reports
  • Java
  • Javascript


December 2017

BS Computer Science at University of Alaska Anchorage

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