Jackson Moniaga


Full Stack Engineer

Greater Seattle


Greater Seattle • 626 502 6662 • jacksonmoniaga@gmail.com

Kinsights San Francisco, California
Software Engineer ­ Python/Django, PostgreSQL, JavaScript/jQuery, HTML, CSS

Brought onboard startup as employee number 2 to expand and engage the user base.
Developed several key features that helped company to pivot, find serious traction, and get acquired.
Overhauled user onboarding interface to boost user engagement and conversion rates.
Collaborated with seasoned UX lead to transform modern front­end designs into dynamic user experiences.
Wore many hats developing across the full stack; spearheaded: unit testing, growth engineering, and mobile web.

Ronald McDonald House Portland / Bowdoin IT ­ H omebase Brunswick, Maine Jan 2012 ­ Aug 2012 Web Developer ­ PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Built volunteer registration & scheduling system for local charity.
Designed backend infrastructure; Implemented functional and inuitive user interfaces.
Gained experience with agile development process; held weekly meetings to review, scrap, and plan features.
Followed project through summer after spring semester to polish and ship it.

Bowdoin IT, Student Technical Services Brunswick, Maine Aug 2009 – May 2013
Consistently led team in resolving cases.
Internalized and followed protocol for virus removal, software support, data recovery, hardware diagnostics and repair.
Composed and designed newsletter outlining the products and services provided by Bowdoin IT.

Manager (promoted Jan 2011)
Supervised and trained coworkers in investigating and resolving technical issues.
Took responsibility for and tracked progress of cases at the Student Help Desk.
Wrote procedural documentation for technicians.

Jan 2014 – Jan 2015
Bowdoin College , Brunswick, Maine
Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science and Philosophy
CS GPA: 3.5
Relevant Coursework: Computer and Network Security, Computer Organization, Cognitive Architecture, Nature Inspired Computation, Data Structures, Algorithms, Mobile Computing
Projects & Research:
Nutrition Log: iOS application that tracks nutritional content of food consumption.
Machine Vision & Learning: Use neural networks to recognize handwritten numbers and letters.
P2P Streaming: devised a model for streaming Peer2Peer video maximizing scalability and playback performance.

Game mechanics, emerging web technologies, IoT, AI, delivery/transportation networks.
Basketball, motorcycling, psychology, health & fitness, cooking.
Languages in order of proficiency: English, Indonesian, and Mandarin.


  • Django
  • Git
  • html
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • PostgreSQL
  • Python



BA in Philosophy & Computer Science at Bowdoin College

Elite small liberal arts college in New England



Software Engineer at Kinsights

Employee #2. Evolved from Growth Engineer into Full Stack. Developed several features key to company survival and success.

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