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I am a Chem. Engg. PhD with over 5 years of academic research experience in using Python for scientific computation focused on simulating models of biological systems. I consider myself as a problem solver who wants to use his creative intellect in addition to my acquired programing and computational skills to solve complex real world problems.


PhD in Chemical Engineering,                                        University of Florida, Gainesville 8/2011–1/2017

Dissertation Topic: Effect of microtubule motors on microtubule mechanics

Relevant Courses: Biomolecular Cell Mechanics, Molecular Transport, Reactor Design & Optimization, Intro. to Biomolecular Engg.

Additional Projects:

a) Centering dynamics of 2D objects in closed spaces as model for studying spindle centering during cell division.

b) Synthesis of nanoparticles of CuO/ZrO2 catalyst using micro-emulsion method. Characterization of catalyst using XRD, BET & TEM.

c) Developed P&ID and aided in construction of pilot plant for methanol reforming.

Bachelors in Chemical Engineering,                       Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai 8/2007-7/2011

Home Paper: Design a chemical plant to manufacture 10,000 TPA of methyl salicylate.

Relevant courses: Process Engineering, Mutli-phase reactors, Separation Processes, Biochemical Engg., Chemical Project Economics.


Programming skills

  • Python for scientific computation Libraries: Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib, Pandas
  •  Intermediate level proficiency in Matlab, VBA, BASH, SQL, R, C, Octave, Tableau

Miscellaneous: High quality figures w/ Inkscape, Image-J macros, Professional Documents: LATEX

Technical skills

  •  Numerical simulations of complex biological systems.  Graduate level proficiency in Statistics & Vector Calculus
  • Data Mining: Classification, Regression & Clustering
  •  Familiar with concepts in cell and molecular biology, biochemistry.
  •  Experience in constructing pilot plants and using techniques like XRD,BET, GC, TLC. PROFESSIONAL


Graduate Assistant,                                                       University of Florida, Gainesville 8/2011–1/2017

  • Developed Python code for simulation of microtubule-motor system to study shape dynamics of microtubules observed in living cells. Bernoulli model for motor attachment & detachment, Microtubules: Elastic filament model in a viscous environment.
  • Performed exhaustive Data Analysis over 50 GB of data in and developed new ways to visualize the data to understand underlying physics. Improved my own code (speed ~50X original) and automated the data analysis process.
  • The primary motivation of the research is to understand non-thermal forces which cause fluctuations in shape of growing microtubules. These fluctuations enable vital life processes in cells like cell division, access to intracellular space.
  • Publication:

Teaching Assistant,                                                       University of Florida, Gainesville 1/2015-5/2015

Chemical Engineering Kinetics: A graduate course which talks about molecular origins of chemical reactions and covers models derived from first principles. Duties: Delivered a weekly lecture, 4 hours of office hours per week and graded exams.

Teaching Assistant,                                                   University of Florida, Gainesville 8/2015-12/2015

Computer Model Formulation: A course that involves formulation of models for describing physical process using numerical analysis and computer programming (VBA). Duties: 4 hours of office hours per week, preparing solutions & grading assignments.

Process Engineering  Intern,                                                       Vega Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., Jalgaon 5/2010-7/2010

  •  Underwent in-plant training, studied material and energy balance for reactors and steam generating furnace
  •  Studied quality control tests for iron-oxide pigments and filtration system for product extraction

Research Assistant,                                                             Dept. of Chemistry, ICT-Mumbai 5/2008-6/2008

Synthesis and characterization of poly-oxy-ethylene

MAJOR ACHIEVEMENTS                                

  • 8/2015 Received a travel grant for research presentation at AICHE Annual Meeting:2015
  • 3/2011 Recipient of Graduate School Fellowship for integrated Doctoral program at University of Florida
  • 1/2011 Headed Annual Technical festival of Institute of Chemical Technology where I personally managed event finances, developed publicity strategy and overviewed logistics.
  • 2007 Ranked 1st (1st UG year) in Chemistry exam conducted by Indian Chemical society (open for UG and PG students.
  • 2007 IIT-JEE07:3417
  • 2006 Qualified NSEC (top 1% in country) and selected for InChO (Indian national Chemistry Olympiad)
  • 2003,2002 Gold in Junior Chess Championship in a District level Chess Competition held at North Maharashtra University.

INTERSTS                                                                                        Machine Learning, Science Literacy, E-sports, Calisthenics

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