Jacob Landowski

Jacob Landowski

(206) 304-6821

Growth-focused software developer student that holds a passion for solving complex technical
challenges. Has a strong understanding of Object-Oriented Design, Java, and Javascript.
Proficient at effectively communicating with others and able to articulate technical solutions.

Education / Skills
Bachelor’s Degree In Software Development,
Computer Science
Green River College – Auburn, WA
3.97 GPA
2016 – 2019
Washington Opportunity Scholarship
Green River Foundation Scholarship
Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Courses: Design Patterns, Software Maintenance, Data Structures, Algorithms, Discrete Mathematics, Agile Methodology

Skills: Java, PHP, Javascript, C++, Linux, SQL, MVC, Git, Version Control, REST API, Bootstrap 4, Jquery

Exposure: Nodejs, Python, Ruby, C, CORS, Google Cloud Platform
Certifications: Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

Graph Algorithm Visualizer [Duo Project] Jun 2018 – Current
Pair programmed/developed graph data structure and algorithm web app to assist
students studying graph algorithms and remove the barrier of entry of having to draw
out random graphs to practice on.
● Javascript / Canvas
● MVC Pattern
● Command Pattern
● Object Oriented
● I created an Engine class to manage all 2D rendering.
● I utilized MVC to structure the entire program flow.
● I implemented Command Pattern to
● I represented Graph Data Structure through objects.

Mpowerment HIV Testing Map [Volunteer] Mar 2018 – Jun 2018
Worked on a team to build an informational website for the non-profit organization Mpowerment, to help men at risk of HIV. Our focus was the testing center finder, made
with a front-facing Google Map and an admin backend for data manipulation.
● JQuery / AJAX
● Google API
● MySQL Database

● FatFree PHP MVC

● I created the single page admin dashboard using AJAX.
● I utilized Google SearchBox for easy location registering.
● I managed the database for admin location registering.
● I set up weekday/service filters on the map location list.

Sentence Generator Forum [Solo Project] Jan 2018 – Mar 2018
I created a machine learning inspired forum that kept track of all user posts and would
have users’ accounts create random posts in their absence based on their content.
● FatFree PHP MVC
● Bootstrap
● Material Design
● Jquery / AJAX
● Used MVC principles: routes, templates and PHP classes.
● Created a library for abstracting basic CRUD operations.
● Designed database for modeling a basic forum structure,
handling threads, posts, and users.
● Implemented N Gram based string parsing and generation
to randomly create posts/threads based on user content.

iGrad Registration Web App [Volunteer Kent iGrad] Sep 2017 – Dec 2017
Worked on an agile team of 4 as lead backend developer and team organizer to develop a
Web App solution to replace iGrad’s 20 page paper application process.
● Bootstrap / JQuery
● Forms / Validation
● I implemented a self-rendering/validating component
system to streamline the process of creating forms.
● I handled all of the AJAX calls client side.
● I managed team meetings and backlog.

Java Web Crawler [Solo Project] Sep 2017 – Dec 2017
● Java / JSoup
● Design Patterns
● Threads
● Data Structures
● Used JSoup library to abstract HTTP requests for pages.
● Followed Consumer-Producer design pattern.
● Managed requests/parsing concurrently with threads.
● Applied various Data Structures: Maps, Queues, Sets.

Student Help Desk [Work] Sep 2016 – Sep 2018
● Customer Service
● Work Orders
● Troubleshooting
● Google Sheets / Excel
● Provided technical solutions for students and faculty.
● Was responsible for over 200 systems in computer lab.
● Assisted school IT with troubleshooting and refreshes.
● Maintained inventory and patron metrics.


  • Bootstrap 4
  • C++
  • Communication
  • Fast Learning
  • Git
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • Linux
  • MVC
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Version Control


3/1/2016 - 6/1/2019

Bachelors in Software Development, Computer Science at Green River College

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