Katie Sputh


Student at University of Washington

Seattle WA

I am a rising professional seeking a technical job.  Currently, I am a senior at the Michael G. Foster School of Business at the University of Washington with a double concentration in Information Systems and Finance.  My passion for learning, exceptional communication skills and strong analytical skills will help add value to any company.  As you will find in my attached resume, each of these qualities is reflected in my prior experiences and academic achievements:

Passion for Learning:  I have a thirst for knowledge and thrive off the challenge of learning something new.  Being an Information Systems major, I have advanced data analytics skills and experience in business application development using C# and Python.  To further my scripting and security management knowledge, on top of my coursework at the University of Washington, I have enrolled to take three external courses focused on Python, Data Analytics and Information Security.

Exceptional Communication Skills: At DSC Capital I worked in a highly collaborative environment among investors, lenders, tax auditors, real estate agents and my coworkers, where I had to adapt how I communicated in order in order to effectively showcase different matters to each individual.  Additionally, at the Meadows, I worked with the VP of Sales to build relations and engage with clients to make sure their concerns and questions were promptly addressed.

Strong Analytical Skills: Through my schoolwork at the University of Washington, I have intermediate experience using SQL, C#, and Python to pull insightful information from data sets.  One example of this is in my Business Database Management class, where I used SQL to derive the most profitable museums in the United States and used various querying methods to analyze why they were the most profitable museums.  Additionally, at DSC Capital, I performed market research, developed comparables, analyzed financial statements and critically thought about the potential of each commercial property in order to effectively perform underwriting and create financial models in Microsoft Excel.


  • Application Programming
  • C#
  • Coding
  • Data Analytics
  • Networking
  • Python
  • scripting
  • SQL


End June 2019

Information Systems, Finance at University of Washington

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