Krista Rutz


EchoEcho, Oakland, CA (Remote) – Software Engineering Intern

  • Design and develop 3-4 tickets per week on client-side React application in a git-based CI/CD workflow with pair and solo programming, following Agile methodologies
  • Used Redux to architect an in-app toast notification system and an automated product walk-through of natural language processing podcasting interface as major internship projects.
  • Updated over 60% of the site to implement styles from design team’s Figma wireframes and mocks, ensuring responsive, mobile-friendly design
  • Increased test coverage of functions (21%), branches and statements (10%), and lines (9%) in first month while application was simultaneously growing in size, using test-driven development
  • Coordinated with team lead to add required Delete and Patch endpoints to back-end PostgreSQL database and python Django API

Epicodus, Seattle, WA – Team Week Lead
FEBRUARY 2020 & APRIL 2020

  • Developed MVP idea, assigned tasks, designed database, and project-managed two projects
  • Coordinated stand-ups, code reviews, and integration of the back end to interface using GitHub



StoryJam Collaborative Writing Application |

  • Mimics the pen-and-paper activity with simple, modern UI and allows group of authorized users to collectively build a story with dynamic data contributions for public or private viewing
  • Uses React, Firebase, and NoSQL database to allow flexible manipulation of project data.

National Parks Database API |

  • RESTful API in C# using JSON data and MySQL database, with multiple query term endpoints
  • Get/post data on U.S. National Parks closures during this unusual time

Zine Maker Social Media Client |

  • ASP .NET Core MVC project allows users to curate shared digital magazine publications for web
  • Mobile-friendly responsive design keeps site readable for smart-phone and desktop users alike



Sisters Interior Redesign, Edmonds, WA – Assistant Manager and Assistant Designer
JUNE 2017 – JANUARY 2020

  • Assist lead designer in creating 300+ compelling user experiences that regularly increased home value up to $50,000 by maximizing usability, utility, accessibility and aestheticism of designs
  • Promoted to managerial role and increased project volume potential by 50%, by using problem-solving skills, leadership, and detail-oriented design sense to manage crew logistics, new hire training, and implementation and documentation of customized interior designs on 100+ projects

Freelance STEM Tutoring, Edmonds, WA & Berlin, DE – Academic Tutor

  • Demonstrated highly developed quantitative reasoning and communication skills teaching 5 math courses from algebra to calculus, and chemistry, biology, and syntax
  • Increased scores of failing students by up to 25% in long-term course grade and up to 35% on specific exams through personalized curriculum of example problem analysis, theory, and testing techniques
  • Enabled students (age 12 to 60) from 6+ language backgrounds by acknowledging minority status and utilizing a method of flexible goal-setting and continuous progress evaluation


  • adobe creative suite
  • agile
  • APIs
  • ASP .NET Core
  • back end
  • C#
  • CI/CD
  • css
  • Design
  • DevOps
  • docker
  • ES6
  • Figma
  • front end
  • full stack development
  • Git
  • GitHub
  • html
  • Java
  • JS
  • Microservices
  • Node.js
  • NoSQL
  • program architecture
  • React
  • REST
  • SQL
  • TDD
  • Testing



B.A. at Pomona College


Certificate at Epicodus

Certificate of Mobile and Web Development


June 2020

Software Engineer Intern at EchoEcho


Fulbright Scholar at Fulbright Germany

Awarded fellowship as part of Diversity Program, comprising 15% of teaching fellows in Germany

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