​Mando Iwanaga
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Data scientist and machine learning engineer with a passion for problem solving, optimization, and efficiency. Experience in data acquisition and data modeling, statistical analysis, machine learning, deep learning, and NLP. With a background in Customer Service, I bring strong skills in team-work, communication, and business understanding that will add value to your industry.



Python, Pandas, Numpy, Selenium, Tensorflow, StatsModels, OOP, APIs


Sci-kit-Learn, Gensim, Keras


Github, Git, PostgreSQL, MongoDB


Matplotlib, Seaborn


Flask, HTML/CSS, AWS EC2 Jupyter Notebooks and Lab



DreamJobber -​ ​Github​ | ​Live App
A cold-start recommendation system for tech jobs based on a user’s preferences.

●  Acquired job data via web-scrape using Selenium and stored as JSON files
●  Conducted Natural Language Processing using NLTK and Gensim to tokenize 20,000 job descriptions
●  Implemented LDA Topic Modeling to group jobs by topics
●  Applied an Unsupervised Nearest Neighbors model using Euclidean Distance to make recommendations
●  Deployed as Flask webapp where users can access at ​

Board Game Rank Classifier – ​Github
A classification model to determine if a board game would rank top 25% on

●  Utilized a mix of API calls and web-scraping to derive data from
●  Applied Gradient Boosting as final classification model evaluated by ROC score
●  Performed hyperparameter tuning to improve ROC score and Cross Validated model

Football Analytics – ​Github
Football (Soccer) Hypothesis Testing

●  Queried and extracted data from postgreSQL database
●  Constructed null-hypotheses and hypotheses; performed one-sample t-test and two sample t-test
●  Made conclusions based on test results of whether to reject or accept the null hypotheses




  • AWS EC2
  • Flask
  • GitHub
  • matplotlib
  • Numpy
  • Pandas
  • Python
  • Seaborn
  • Selenium
  • StatsModels
  • TensorFlow


Apr 2019/ Jul 2019

Certificate at Flatiron School

Immersive Data Science Bootcamp


Bachelor of Business Administration: Management at Tokai University

Kumamoto, Japan


Jul 2018/ Jan 2019

Materials Handler at GIST USA LLC

● Analyzed pick sheets based on clients orders and gathered the appropriate products for each order
● Loaded and unloaded inventory from cargo docks, delivery trucks, and storage areas
● Packed, loaded, and secured product – up to 30,000 cases per work shift during high season

Apr 2016/ Oct 2017

Professional Golfer at Self

● Played golf professionally on circuit tour in Kyushu, Japan
● Built professional network within the golfing community
● Participated in pro-ams and junior golf clinics as a player and coach

Apr 2016/ Oct 2017

Customer Service at Kumamoto Kukou Country Club

● Communicated information regarding course, reservation, weather, and any golf-related issues
● Tracked and enforced pace of play
● Created work schedules for caddies, trained caddies in proper duties and etiquette, and assigned carts
● Assisted in golf tournament operations and course marshalling

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