Michael Rohn


Senior Application Developer

Bridgeville, Pa


In an environment that’s constantly changing, the cutting edge is always changing. And in a race with so many people running to grasp at what’s next you need someone who is ready to run that race. Who is ready to learn the newest tech and take risks when others aren’t. And that’s what you get here. Adaptability and a strong platform of core languages lend the framework that make this particular developer. Add that on top of years of experience working with and managing others, you don’t just get one person who is driven towards novel concepts done right. But a way to spread these new concepts to an entire team.

Technical SKILLS

Languages : C#, JavaScript ,Python, Swift 3.0, HTML5, CSS, C++

Frameworks : Django, Flask, .Net Core, Razor MVC, Angular, Express.js, jQuery

Database : MySQL, SQLite, SwiftRealm, Building ERDs, MongoDB, NoSQL

Others : Git, TFS, Cocoapods, Node, Photoshop, NodeJS, RabbitMq, Docker

Development EXPERIENCE

Brunner, Senior Application Developer — Pittsburgh, PA July 2017 – Present

As part of Brunner’s BHive Lab Innovation department, I’ve worked on a variety of projects that ranged from both enterprise level software platforms and down to prototype web apps. Primarily a C# shop, I have steadily reinforced my understanding of  Windows based development in an agile-like environment with both Dot Net Standard frameworks and the newer Dot Net Core frameworks. I also regularly tackled frontend tasks both myself and with another developer who worked primarily as a frontend engineer. Our working relationship meshed well enough together that our two man approach was eventually adopted as a standard within the lab and our team structure was altered to form teams to attempt and mimic our methods. Less than a year into my role, I became the point person for my application’s production issues and have, on more than one occasion, saved the company over $200k in fees by resolving potential data breaches before they occurred. This also is what lead towards my  growing into the role of senior developer, as I adopted more and more responsibilities; to the point where I was responsible for maintaining oversight on our team’s progress within a sprint and communicating effectively with our client. This also meant that I was regularly consulted to make design and approach decisions that would help shape the product and it’s features. Additionally, I also took on the responsibility of maintaining our branches and publishing our code updates and accomplished such through both manual iis deployments and automated pipelines via Azure Dev Ops.


Coding Dojo, Full-Stack Web Development student — Seattle, wa — 2016

Completed an immersive web app development program with more than 1,000 hours spent learning and developing 40+ single and multiple-page web applications using Python, Swift, MEAN and C# ASP.NET Core MVC framework. Developed a number of projects that can be found my Git page that were used to gauge our progress.

General Experience

Freelancing Developer Jan 2017 – July 2017

Between graduating and landing my first development job, I worked as a freelance developer on various smaller web projects for private clients as well as side projects during my free time.

Assistant Store Leader, GameStop — Pittsburgh, PA — 2012 – 2016

Oversaw general store operations with focus on a customer first outlook. This prioritized building customer rapport via discussion to find the best solutions that were tailored to the individual. In addition to this I was the point of contact for a number of event organizers with a near by college and would be the liaison between them and the store for events. This included, midnight release events, gorilla advertising, college specific events, etc. It was also my responsibility to follow store performance metrics closely in order to analyze and disseminate this information to other employees. Regularly, this would also include one to one training in order to promote an understanding of how one could affect their own metrics as well as how this impacted the store as a whole. Goals were also a large part of these conversations, both personal and store based. Larger looks at these numbers helped the general manage and myself facilitate store layout changes. It was my sole responsibility to oversee regular shifts in marketing materials. And it was through a combination of the above responsibilities and focuses that I drove sales of new releases and created one of the best environments for new releases in our district.

Genius admin, Apple — pittsburgh, pa — 2010 – 2011

Facilitated in and outbound communication with repair technicians at a retail Apple location. Customer communication was paramount and I took great strides to provide empathetic support while informing customers in an easy to understand and concise manner. Managed general repair work flow and worked with the Lead Genius to assign tasks to Genius technicians, supervised customer data transfers, and saw to setting up troubleshooting hardware diagnostics prior to assigning it to a Genius. Was Apple Certified in mobile repairs during this period.




Inventory Manager, Computer Stores NorthWest — Seattle, WA — 2007-2009

Managed the Inventory for the largest Mac reseller in the Seattle area, The Mac Store. ( Became a Simply Mac store after my departure ) Overseeing a small staff, I was responsible for training of inventory personnel, scheduling, confirming interstate shipment orders and verifying all handling procedures were followed. This included both physical procedures and procedures with a unix based inventory system. Additionally, I worked closely with the repair department to keep parts on hand.

During my time with the Mac Store, I worked at two additional stores, running inventory at a smaller location in Redmond for less than a year prior to my relocation to the Seattle store. And was asked to train staff from the ground up for a new location in Kent.


UPS, Airfield package handler — Seattle, wa — 2006-2007

Worked on an airfield based UPS sorting facility where I was responsible for a specific set of zip codes, both sorting and loading up small engine planes for distribution through out the area. Trained in Hazmat procedure and FAA Aircraft Marshaling signals, I was also certified to operate small scale equipment in order to transport loading vehicles and cargo containers through the facility. Heavy focus on teamwork due to the high volume of large, overweight items, and the inherent precision of working on a live air field.



Coding Dojo Coding Bootcamp Seattle, WA — 2016

Full Stack Web Development ( HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Python, Swift (iOS), C# ASP.NET CORE, MEAN ))


Brad Green 724-762-0120

A fellow Full Stack developer at Brunner and a contemporary who started with the company only a month prior. Brad has been a solid source of feedback and great ideas with a leaning towards the front end of production.

Zachary Lockhart 330-853-6659

Development lead at Brunner. Zach conducted my interview at hire and brought me on board to Brunner. Helped me grow during the difficult honeymoon period and oversaw my projects and work during that time.


Additional Note: Looking to relocate to the Northwest! Not just remote positions.


  • .Net Core
  • Azure Devops
  • C#
  • C++
  • css
  • Django
  • docker
  • Git
  • HTML5
  • Javascript
  • MySql
  • Python
  • SQL
  • Swift 3.0



Web/Application Development at Coding Dojo - Bellevue

Coding bootcamp that offered a high intensity course on web and application development. Graduated with Top marks ( Black Belt ranking ) in all three languages explored.



Senior Application Developer at MJ Brunner

Went from Junior Dev to Senior Dev during my course of employment with Brunner.

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