Monisha Singh


Software Development Engineer



1000 8th Ave, Apt. 10211 | Seattle, WA 98104 |                              | 206-981-6559 |

Northeastern University, Boston, MA.                                         May 2016
College of Computer and Information Science.                  GPA: 3.792/4
Master of Science in Computer Science

Related Courses: Program Design Paradigm, Algorithms, Managing Software Development, Web Development

R.T.M Nagpur University, Nagpur, India                                   June 2013
Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science
Related Courses: Data Structures & Program Design in C, Design and
Analysis of Algorithms, Object Oriented Methodologies, Database Management Systems


Languages: Java, C/C++, PL/SQL, HTML, Python, Racket, JavaScript, CSS, Pig Latin

Systems: Windows 98/XP/7/8/10, Linux

IDEs: IntelliJ, Eclipse, Visual Studio, NetBeans, PyCharm, DrRacket

Database: SQL, MongoDB, Oracle

Big Data Technologies: EC2, S3, Hadoop

Frameworks: Spring, Angular

Testing Frameworks: TestNG, Junit, Jasmine, Mockito, Selenium

Web/Application Servers: Tomcat, Bobcat, Glass Fish

Configuration Management: Git

Amazon LLC, Seattle, WA                                             May – August 2015
Software Development Engineering Intern
* Developed Shop Past Purchases page in Prime Now application (MVC architecture).
* Used Java Server Page (JSP) technology to easily create web content for the page.
* Collaborated with the prime now ordering team to come up with the most efficient design.
* Conducted demos in front of ordering team, and product management team to improve quality of the feature.


Amazon LLC, Seattle,                             WA June 2016 – December 2017 Software Development Engineer
* Performed cart client migration (Prime Now Restriction Compliance Service).
* Implemented client-side cache (Guava) to improve response time of notification service.
* Removed Prime Now checkout hard dependency on fresh (Rolling Stone commitment).
* Worked on setting up new merchant capacity service stack for Prime Now launch in a new realm.
* Worked on setting up new merchant capacity management stack for Prime Now launch in a new realm.
* Developed page objects and wrote automation tests for Prime Now browser.
* Fixed minor bugs, fulfilled on call (operational excellence) responsibilities periodically.


Sketching, painting, skating, music, watching movies, badminton, reading interesting facts.

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