Benjamin Scheyer

Complexity is a fact of life for many projects, but opaque and confusing are not synonymous with complex and interesting. The right manager can make any project agile and transparent if they’re willing to take a deep dive, listen to the folks on the ground, and present key elements in a straightforward fashion–skills I combine with a strong ability to comprehend and communicate the technical.

Five years ago I started at the bottom in a field of tech that was pretty much brand new, and turned out to be the wild west. Over the past five years I have survived the purge of hundreds of coworkers and taken on job responsibilities far beyond the description I got hired for. I can train employees, translate tech to English, manage vendors, pilot a project, do hiring interviews, and learn newly invented technology very quickly, because infinite adaptability was my job description.No one except the people directly beside me was sure how to best do my job, and the folks above kept changing it under us. As a result, I’ve spent the last five years taking everything a high-stress, high-security environment can throw at me, and finding ways over, under, around and through it—Making it faster, cheaper, and more efficient in the process.

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