Darian Nastvogel


Account Manager, Program Manager


I’m a former Air Force officer with interest in Account Manager, Consultant or Project Manager roles. I’m seeking a fast paced, stimulating work environment where I can leverage my experience working on cross-functional and multinational teams to improve processes, define/justify requirements and ultimately deliver maximum value to the customer/user as efficiently as possible. I’m effects focused with a passion for using data and technology to foster collaborative problem solving and enhance productivity.

Experience (US Air Force Officer: Jan 2007 – Apr 2015)

§  Crafted international agreement to construct $750M Korea Air Ops Center. Drafted design-management/resource-alignment plan and cost-sharing ratios to drive US/Korea’s most complex project.

§  Envisioned and created a program (outside of normal job duties) to mentor junior Airmen seeking a military commission. Connected 24 peers to mentor/advise 50+ junior Airmen (Google “class outlines road to commission”).

Cross Functional Experience

§  Teamed with legal and financial subject-matter-experts. Successfully advocated for a stalled $5.6M medical station initiative providing care to 160+ battle wounded Marines per week (Google “wounded warrior berthing”).

§  Led a four-engineer project team, coordinated 7 stakeholder agencies to build Command/Control facilities and supporting infrastructure for a time-sensitive (2mos) HQ relocation enabling the coordinated exit of 40k US personnel from Iraq.

§  Created an innovative active-shooter exercise to prepare/train FD/PD/civilians by using workplace active-shooter actors to simulate pre-attack warning signs. Prevent, rather than respond to the incident. “Brilliant plan” – Top Brass.

Initiative & Process Improvement

§  Implemented various process improvements to propel Afghanistan’s largest construction program. Composed legal and financial documents to justify and fund 168 military projects ($148M). “D is an excellent writer” – Boss.

§  Streamlined/shortened the requirements-development to funding cycle by 50% (2wks) by writing instructional templates and implementing an electronic routing/approval system

§   Reduced project cycle time 30% (3mos) for a $1.6B construction program by optimizing the requirements development pipeline and authoring project programming guidance for US Air Forces Korea.

Attention to Detail

§  1 of 3 officers hand-selected for Department of Defense Nuclear Inventory Review, validated 2996 nuclear components valued at $2B to confirm integrity/security of US nuclear arsenal.

§  Leveraged ArcGIS and AutoCAD software to identify and correct (to within FAA regulations) 303 airfield zoning infractions, ensuring safe airfield operations for a fleet of 46 aircraft valued at $1.9B.

Leadership & Achievement

§  Ranked #1 out of 35 combat engineers during a high tempo Afghan deployment.

§  Proactively fundraised for and planned “Combat Dining-In” event (team building activities, speeches, etc.). Boosted morale and cohesion for a 400 person military unit supporting nuclear-deterrence operations.

§  Navy/Marine Corps Commendation Medal, Army Commendation Medal, Air Force Achievement Medal.

Education & Credentials
§  MBA, University of Nebraska

§  BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland

Personal Pursuits
§  Photography, Language, Travel, Reading, Politics & Technology, Meditation, Mentorship, Coding (C++)


§  (2014) Korea Air Operations Center (KAOC) Development Plan Phase 2

Objectives: Complete 30% design of KAOC, facilitate Korean/American funding/planning agreement, outline project management structure and charter for the next phase. Responsibilities: Coordinate with a team of four US and ten Korean engineers to facilitate decision-maker meetings and to draft the international funding agreement and project charter. Author position descriptions and outline the management structure (PMO) for facility design and execution. Lead requirements development for the Secret/Classified operations area.


§  (2013) Wing Readiness and Training Plan

Objective: Publish the Bomb Wing Readiness-Exercise Plan. Responsibilities: Develop the Wing readiness-exercise schedule. Brief senior leadership on the proposed plan; lead internal working groups and coordinate assignments with up to 30 subject-matter-experts at a time to establish readiness-exercise requirements. Coordinate with State, Federal and Military stakeholders to plan and execute 8 individual exercises. Write post-exercise reports and work with stakeholders to ensure compliance.


§  (2012) Runway Capital Improvement Project

Objective: Repair runway surface to extend lifespan and protect aircraft from foreign-object-debris (e.g., concrete shards). Responsibilities: Coordinate with flying units to de-conflict air traffic and repair/maintenance schedules. Develop risk management plan and coordinate for approval. Write/submit appropriate construction (and airfield shutdown) waivers to FAA. Brief primary/alternate plans and construction progress to senior leaders.


§  (2011) 25th Infantry Division Headquarters Relocation

Objective: Construct/Relocate 25th Infantry Division HQ (Talil AB, Iraq). Responsibilities: Lead a four engineer planning cell, assess/validate user requirements, coordinate with higher HQ engineers, assess options and develop multiple courses of action, develop project timeline, brief options/progress to leadership, develop project requirements documentation, coordinate operations of military and contracted construction units, oversee construction.


§   (2010) Upgrade Campus Operating Capability: Interim to Final

Objective: Develop infrastructure and facilities at Camp Leatherneck (Afghanistan) to transition base from interim to final operating capability. Responsibilities: Re-validate overall phasing plan and brief/propose to leadership; validate tenant unit requirements and develop funding packages; monitor funding prioritization process and implement process improvements; coordinate with legal, financial and contracting authorities to execute construction; monitor progress and provide updates; write procedures to stand-up local funding board.


§  (2009) Squadron Deployment Training Plan

Objective: Train/prepare personnel for deployment. Responsibilities: Assess training requirements, collaborate with other training leaders to finalize requirements, develop training plan and brief to leadership for approval. Write schedule for training events, coordinate with sub-units and functional experts to write training syllabus and define and deliver logistical requirements.


§  (2009) Squadron Manpower Study

Objective: Assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the unit manpower usage. Responsibilities: Study unit labor structure, interview labor leaders, develop labor hour assessment tool. Analyze data and brief results/recommendations to leadership.


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