Weilun Yuan


Software Engineer/Web Development Engineer



Weilun Yuan

weilunyuan1013@gmail.com | (425) 761-5755  | https://www.linkedin.com/in/weilun-yuan-1013/ | Seattle, Washington

UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, SEATTLE                                                                                                             Sep 2016 – Dec 2018 (expected)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

●       Relevant Courses: Data Structure & Algorithm, Data Management, Machine Learning, Network Security, Intro to Programming in Java, Discrete Mathematics, Software Design & implementation, Foundation of Computing, Design Thinking, System Programming, Data Management, Game Development and Industries, Calculus I, II, III, IV, Linear Algebra

BELLEVUE COMMUNITY COLLEGE, BELLEVUE           June 2014 – June 2016

Associate of Arts and Science Degree, major in Computer Science

●       4.0 GPA, scholarship award as an international student

●       Member of Phi Theta Kappa, the national community/junior college honor society

●       Won the 3rd place in AMATYC Student Mathematics League Contest


●       Languages: Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, C, C#, C++, SQL, Go, TrumpScript, Oracle, Matlab, PHP

●       Others: Keras, TensorFlow, Electron, JQuery, tilezoom.js, iOS, Linux Shell Command, Azure, Unity3D, Unreal Engine, SQLite, SQL Server, Git/GitHub, Gitlab, Eclipse, Vuforia AR development, Sublime, Windows


EZPen, DefHacks Project (Javascript, C#, Node.js, Unity)                                              Feb 2018 – Mar 2017

●       A web-based application that can allow users to draw or take notes with their iPhone

●       Recorded data on Heroku.com from the built-in gyroscope and accelerometer sensors of a user’s iPhone to calculate the phone’s position

●       Wrote C# scripts to allow Unity to fetch motion data from Heroku.com and draw out the movement of a user’s iPhone

●       Won “the best hack overall” prize in the hackathon event, defHack.

Sticky Notes App (Javascript)                                                                                                                            Feb 2018 – March 2018

●       A web-based application that can keep track of to-do items for the user

AI Fashion (JavaScript, Python)                                                                                                                    Nov 2017 – March 2018

●       A web-based application that can provide more engaging, interactive online shopping experience for online retail customers

●       Enable customers to see seamless 360 degree rotational view of products using reel function

●       Enable users to use touchscreen to perform actions like pinch zoom and swipe rotation

●       Developing AI-powered features to collect user behavior or preferred design elements in psedo-3D interface

●       Presented during various business competitions: 2017 UW China Business Challenge, UW SEBA Business Competition

Breast Cancer Classifier, Machine Learning Project (Python)                                         Sep 2017 – Nov 2017

●       Implemented neural network learning model to predict whether a patient is likely to have breast cancer or not

●       Experimented training and optimization algorithms like gradient descent and L-BFGS to improve accuracy and efficiency of prediction

●       Collected data from open sources online to train the model based on patient’s PMI, breast cancer history, and other related information

●       Won first place with highest accuracy on Kaggle competition, a platform for predictive modelling and analytics competitions

AR Maze (C#, Unity Library, Vuforia)       Oct 2017 – Nov 2017

●       A mobile and desktop compatible video game made with Unity

SuffixTrie or Zip (Java)                 Jan 2017 – Mar 2017

●       Implemented reservoir sampling and shuffling algorithm to achieve the randomness of the subset membership

●       Improved program efficiency by storing common prefixes with Trie Map data structure

●       The program achieved the same performance as other software for compression like Winrar, Zip

uMessage (Java)                             Jan 2017 – Mar 2017

●       A chat application built with multiple sorting algorithms to achieve functions like spelling correction and auto completion

●       Implemented AVL tree as a comparable dictionary with parent pointers to achieve better performance than binary search tree

●       Implemented separate chaining from scratch to compare the difference among move-to-front list, AVL tree, and binary search tree


SYNECT MEDIA LLC, REDMOND                    Jan 2018 – PRESENT

QA Tester and Software Developer

●       Identified, analyzed and documented problems in the current workflow of Synect Media’s developer team

●       Developed an app called Airport JSON Modifier to view, edit, and format JSON files thus allowing the team to be far more effective when editing and testing the display contents of their videowall products

●       Co-ordinated with Synect’s QA team and other interns to ensure all necessary functionality or features are covered in the app

●       Independently architect and implement a preview feature for the app to update the display of flight information in real time



Jun 2016 - Dec 2018

Bachelor of Computer Science at University of Washington, Seattle


Jan 2018 - March 2018

Software Engineer + QA Tester at Synect Media LLC

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