Josh Pilisuk

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Josh Pilisuk
Seattle WA • (206) 851-3306 •

Technology summary
·        Technologies: Java, Python, C#, GO, SQL, noSQL, ElasticSearch, Kibana, Github

·        In-depth knowledge of data structures, algorithms and CS fundamentals

·        Knowledge of computer hardware / System building

Competitive Coding (Java / C#)
·        Project Euler  – top 3% worldwide  (id: 753303_58bf3776e9a0b31717c37d5f74bfc6e1)

·        CodeEval – top 1000 worldwide (

System logging with ElasticSearch (tune summer internship)                                                                                  

·        Wrote a restful service in GO that logged incoming data from mobile app events (impressions, clicks, installs, opens, etc) very efficiently and created a database that allowed for easy viewing and statistical analysis of the data.

·        Used ElasticSearch and Kibana to quickly and efficiently sort through massive amount of data, parse out the useful parts and create ways to view the data meaningfully

Logging visibility with Kibana (tune summer internship)                                                                            

·        Created mapping in ElasticSearch for Kibana that allowed custom mapping of similar events and allows for easy visualization of large amounts of data.

·        Project to be used by the team to give a better idea of what data is coming in from where and how to look in advance to predict where loads of incoming data will fluxuate

Asteroids  (self made project)                                                                                              

·        Wrote a clone version of the classis arcade game ‘asteroids’ any implemented many features

·        Features many different concepts such as multi-threading, collisions and dynamic movement

·        Demonstrates use of graphics and visual displays.

Prime number generator benchmark   (self made project)                                                                       

·        Created a program that generates prime numbers very quickly and benchmarks result

·        Uses different methods of finding primes depending if you want to calculate fast or save memory (sieve of Eratosthenes vs wheel factorization & trial division)

Professional Experience
·        Tune – SDE intern

·        Prudential – Financial Advisor

·        APE Inc – Analyst

·        University of Washington – Physics tutor                                                                           

·        North Seattle Community Collage – Math tutor                                                                              

Education (University of Washington)
·        Bachelors of Science in Physics

o   Specializing in classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computing

·        Bachelors of Science in Mathematics

o   Specializing in lexicographic permutations, combinatorics, optimization and scalability

·        Bachelors of Science in Economics

o   Specializing in Microeconomics, fluxuations within markets and Game Theory

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