David Arasim

David Arasim                      Excellence in database programming and systems design


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Extensive experience and demonstrated success as Programmer, Systems Analyst, Configuration Manager, and Database Administrator.   Incorporating recent and relevant technologies to design effective multi-platform database and systems applications, and website systems interfaces.  Committed to meeting new challenges in an evolving software industry.  Used to climbing steep learning curves and not afraid of heights.


Languages, Project Management, Source Control, and Operating Systems

Pick Universe        Pick D3                  C | C++                  Basic      SQL        SubVersion           Stash | BitBucket

Visual Basic          Java                       JavaScript             XML      git            Jira                          Windows | Unix | Linux

Summary of Duties and Accomplishments:

Competency demonstrated in Pick Basic, relational database programming, and C programming.  Accomplished in the methods and procedures for building conceptual systems into viable software systems.  Seasoned in software coding, maintenance, and debugging business and engineering applications.


Systems Design
Quality assured for software development life-cycle, system design and analysis, data modeling, and system testing.  Effective in software engineering and defining functionality, objectives, and scope of the systems to be designed.  Proficiency in developing optimal-performance applications within the limits of technological boundaries, budgetary constraints, and scarce resources.  Communicating with end-users to define accurate and concise system design specifications.  Technical writing for definitive system proposals and documentation.  Employing sound database architecture to create hardware-efficient, reliable, and scalable software.
Database Administration
Skilled in providing solid database management, enterprise system data storage, data manipulation and analysis.  Experienced in production system and executive-request reporting, database to website conduit, and spreadsheet and document applications interface.  Additional skills include:  System administration and task automation;  Hardware installation, configuration and maintenance;  Data backup and disaster recovery;  Database system reconciling and auditing;  Electronic mass-mailing e-mail system intelligence and management.


System Installation and Maintenance

Knowledgeable in system installation and modification.  Proficient in system upgrade, repair, and cross-platform migration.  Committed as quality crusader for system optimization, scalability, and data integrity.  Bridging seamless systems functionality across various hardware, operating system, and database platforms.


Configuration Management

Success achieved through applied technologies and standards of procedure to manage enterprise system application software.  Working closely with Quality Assurance teams to deliver complex systems and existing system upgrades to production environments without interruption to the business.





Seattle Pacific University, Seattle WA

Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science – Business Systems

Additional info:  Two-time recipient of President’s Award

Two-time recipient of Certificate of Achievement


North Seattle College, Seattle, WA

Associate of Science, Computer Service Technology

Additional info:   Dean’s List


David Arasim                      Excellence in database programming and systems design


206-484-9222                                                      davidarasim@yahoo.com                 www.linkedin.com/in/davidarasim

Professional Experience
Company:                            SanMar Corporation  —  Issaquah, WA                      2004 – 2016

Principal position:             Software Developer

Mastery of Pick applications systems, data, and internal/external interfaces including e-commerce modules.  Trusted reliable IT consultant to all points of the business.  Defined new roles and procedures in the early formation of an ever-growing IT department.  ‘Go-to’ person for providing complete system documentation and schematic for complex systems.  Collaborated design and administered Pick/SQL Server data propagation interfaces and data push/pull mechanisms.  Provided accurate project estimates and exceptional turn-around in an aggressive-schedule working environment of limited resources.  Regularly relied upon in other IT roles including:  Quality Assurance, Project Management and Coordination, defining business requirements, and direct customer interfacing.  Excellent communication and crisis mitigation skills.  Reliable and respected department liaison for resolving project and customer conflicts.  Independently developed and maintained the electronic reporting transmission system for the company, with portability to other mediums.  This system distributes numerous reports per day, saving the company significant time and money, and enables remote resourcing to position for a global economy.


Support position:                Configuration Manager

Pioneered technologies, standards of procedure, and definitions for the Configuration Manager position.  Concurrently worked in this position with ‘SubVersion’ and ‘git’ source code change management systems.  Fostered software development life cycle for multiple developers on multiple systems and projects across disparate development and production environments.  Instrumental in system impact analysis for large projects in a way that insured system quality and data integrity.  Invented utilities to monitor application usage and retire old source code.  The first iteration of using these utilities resulted in a 33% reduction of the application software code base.


Company:                            PhotoWorks, Incorporated  —  Seattle, WA               2002 – 2004

Position:                               MIS Programmer

Served the database programming needs for enterprise and e-commerce systems.  Designed, coded, and maintained user-authentication and customer info. database and interface.  Automated distributed e-mail Marketing campaigns and the subsequent correlation and analysis of sales data.  Assisted the Customer Service department in resolving customer archive/account issues.  Worked with Production, Accounting, Marketing, Web Design, Quality Assurance, and Order Processing teams to meet and exceed their needs, and to maintain and improve their existing systems.  Provided definitive documentation and modeling techniques (UML) for software systems and proposals.


Company:                            McGraw-Hill New Media  —  Bothell, WA 1996 – 2001

Latest position:                   Database Administrator

Served the analysis, design, and website database programming needs for the company’s e-commerce engine.  Facilitated linkages between e-commerce data warehouses and legacy database systems.  Principal in analysis, development, and maintenance for the on-line catalog.  Member of the team that designed and implemented the first user interfaces for the enterprise website system.  Resolved many crises between e-commerce systems and distributed file systems.  Involved with system administration to make several database systems accessible across different operating systems.  Employed diverse data warehousing and synchronization techniques to the website interfaces saving significant time and money.  Deployed inter-company reporting and paperless distribution saving the company $150K per year.


Previous position:              Senior Programmer Analyst

Authority for developing, coding, and maintaining applications for Order Entry, Production, Customer Service, Accounting, Sales, Marketing and Inventory systems.  Empowered users to run and manage their own system processing needs.  Member of the Y2K task force to deliver flawless systems upgrades for the new millennium.  Regular tasks included:  Intensive database SQL programming;  Unix shell scripting and procedure automation;  Data transfer using various protocol;  Ad-hoc reporting for executive decision-making;  Creating and maintaining automated mailing lists;  Designing inventory planning systems based on purchasing patterns and market data.


Previous Professional Experience

Olin Aerospace Company  —  Redmond, WA                                      Positions:  Programmer Analyst | Data Analyst

Responsible for developing, coding, and maintaining Pick Universe database software for the Manufacturing, Engineering, and Human Resources systems modules.  Developed and maintained rocket-engine testing software written in C (yes, Rocket Science!).  Elected facilitator for process improvement and dynamic leadership technique.


  • Configuration Management
  • Database Administration
  • Programming
  • Systems Analyst
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