Thank You for 5 Years of Celebrating PNW Tech With Us!

Thank you for five years of New Tech community, fun, learnings, sharing, and tech innovation.  While 50% of businesses don’t make it to their 5th year, you’ve helped us to thrive with even more events and  offerings than ever before. To celebrate, you’re invited to test drive a Tesla and enjoy great food, drinks and a DJ at our 5th anniversary party next Thursday night! (Tickets are free 🙂

This month we’re having our 63rd New tech Seattle (formerly Seattle Tech Meetup), our 52nd New Tech PDX, our 42nd New Tech Eastside, and our 5th workshop ( 7 Business Killers to Avoid). Coming up in July we’ll have our 29th New Tech Tacoma and our 5th job fair.

Whether you’re new to the New Tech community or have been here for the full ride we’re very grateful to you. In a time when the PNW is getting more crowded, traffic is getting worse, housing is too expensive, and these factors are making Seattleites kinda angry and selfish, our New Tech community matters even more than ever before.

My theory is that we used to feel abundant, secure and happy with all of the amazing trees, water, culture of collaboration, and opportunity in the PNW. In 2012 I flew into Seattle and counted passengers sharing 5 random acts of kindness between the time the plane stopped at the gate and the door opened to let everyone off. Seattle hospitality was refreshing.

With the post-2016 election divisive political climate, high influx of new residents moving here, and skyrocketing cost of living that’s unfortunately shifted to most of us feeling a sense of scarcity. Long times locals and even millennials are being forced to move away and wealthier new comers are reshaping King County at a head spinning fast rate.

New Tech has always been a place to come give first, be a good neighbor, be human, have fun, celebrate the amazing innovation being created in our backyard, and experience goodness coming back to us. We’re a community because we’re proactively happy and helpful with each other. We build relationships where other events only have transactions, and you are a big part of that ‘we’.

As we celebrate our first 5 years and look forward to the next 5, I invite you to use the New Tech community as an oasis from the congestion and stress when they get you down. Let me know how New Tech can continue to be relevant and helpful in building your tech career or company. Thanks for being here for us. We’re here for you!

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