Thank you for playing in the dolphin tank with us

Happy Thanksgiving! With December right around the corner, this is a great time of year for us to reflect on everything that’s happened throughout the year, and remember the things that we’re thankful for.

This always begins with you. We’re very thankful for you showing up at events, bringing your ‘give first’ attitude’ and actively participating in your community with us.

Additionally, we have a lot to celebrate. For starters, we’re grateful for the opportunity to come together three times every month as a vibrant, growing community to enjoy and discuss the incredible innovations being created here in our region.

Speaking of our community, we’re also grateful for the growing diversity of ages, genders, and ethnicities we see at every event. That diversity is helping to drive new ideas and business opportunities that weren’t possible in the past.

Naturally, we’re incredibly grateful to all of you for showing up at our events, and sharing some of the things that you’re doing. This kind of active engagement inspires all of us and helps us to build better tech careers and companies.

We truly enjoy coming together and learning in such a fun and cooperative environment, and value the opportunity to meet professionals from so many fields, all helping to build a powerful ecosystem.

In these stressful times, when we hear headlines about so much hateful, irresponsible and hurtful behavior, having people come to New Tech events just to meet and support each other is very special.

Everyone who has attended our events has helped to build bridges, make connections and new friends, find co-founders, and even new hires. Most importantly, we get to share love and fun with and for all of the people in our PNW community.

Being human and helpful together is something that most people don’t get in their daily lives. With record numbers of people moving to our region every day, Seattle’s culture is facing enormous pressure to change.

Silicon Valley may be known for being a shark tank, but Seattle needs to remain known for being a dolphin tank. Our values need to include respect, collaboration, giving back, and building for a common good, not just looking out for personal gain.

As we head to the end of the year and beyond, it’s important to acknowledge and grow our commitment to our own dolphin tank culture. This unique identity is what makes the PNW special, and it’s what I’m personally thankful for the most. This give first attitude in our PNW and New Tech communities is the foundation of why we’ve succeeded together.

As you spend this weekend giving thanks for the people and experiences that matter to you, know that I’m giving thanks for you today, and every day.

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