Thanks for being a part of New Tech’s growing community!

2015 has already been a whirlwind of growth for New Tech Seattle, and it has all began with you. Two and a half years ago we launched our first event to 250 Seattle Techies at Impact HUB Seattle and because of your collaboration and support we’ve grown to over 11,000 members, had 38 events, expanded to the Eastside, helped hundreds of people get jobs, spoke at the White House Tech Meetup, and now launched a website to help you and the rest of our community to support each other 24/7 in leveling up their careers and companies.


This is our first weekly newsletter. We’ll share insights of what’s happening around the Seattle tech community, highlight great events and opportunities happening in Seattle and on the Eastside, and engage with you on how to keep making the Seattle tech community better.

Part of that for us is actively working to preserve what’s great about Seattle culture. While the tech boom in Seattle is creating a lot of new possibilities, we are aware of the current negative impacts happening with housing, traffic, and other issues that threaten what we love about the cities and communities in the Seattle area.


Our first step in this direction is to donate 12% of our ticket sales to the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship (WSOS) fund which receives matching funds from the state to support STEM education for women and underserved minorities.

You’ll see WSOS folks at our events where they can share more about this. We’re also working on an initiative to help end homelessness in Seattle by partnering with Universal Gospel Mission’s Search and Rescue work. As more evolves with both of these opportunities we’ll share more with you.

We invite you to be our partner in making New Tech Seattle/Eastside as strong and supportive as we can be for our community. Connect with us at events and online to enjoy this great ride together.

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