The Balance of Serving You Through New Tech

I gratefully live in an ongoing opportunity to balance how to serve our broad community. This community includes enterprise and startup executives and employees, founders, engineers, angels, VCs, job seekers, service providers, etc. who each have different needs that New Tech can help with.

We’re offering many things to everyone in the tech community so you may not care about some of them, but you’ll resonate with some others. Our general events serve everyone while special events like yesterday’s Merger and Acquisitions Conference, and next week’s Women in Tech event serve smaller specific populations in our community.

This week I received an email praising what we do at New Tech while sharing concern that our events are getting too HR focused. Since our format hasn’t changed I’m still wondering exactly what that means.

The suggestion that we’ve lost our way or should rebrand because we focus more on HR than tech was interesting to read. I’ve never looked at us as having an HR focus, though our foundation is creating a neighborhood environment where humans in the tech community love, inspire, and share resources to help each other.

New Tech Northwest’s core mission is to move the people in our community to greater lives and careers. This flows from the inspiration of the amazing innovation our region is creating. Tech is the seed of interest we share, while helping people and building community together is what we do.

Our five-year success and growth is a result of 1) keeping a caring pulse on our ever-changing community, 2) listening to what you need and 3) actively keeping things human to preserve Seattle’s dolphin tank culture from becoming a shark tank culture. We’re always looking to provide what matters for you today to build your best tomorrow.

We intentionally spotlight other great events and organizations while not duplicating their great work. What matters to us is filling in the gaps that help you and inspire you to give back to the tech ecosystem and our greater PNW community.

To that end, please reach out with any suggestions on how we can make New Tech events and the community as valuable as possible for you. What types of companies, tech, workshops or conferences would you like to see more of? We’re here for you and grateful you’re on this amazing ride with us.

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