The Top 12 Ways for You to Network Like a Pro During the Holidays (Part Two)

We’re a week out from Thanksgiving already. Thank you for being active in our community, having fun with us, and helping to build the Seattle tech ecosystem together!

We’ve already sold out almost half our of January Job Fair employer tables, we’re excited for our December Diversity in Tech event partnering with HERE Seattle and Diverse City, and we have one more event left in November.

Please let anyone you know at a company that plans an exit to come benefit from the legal and tax expertise Bader Martin and Summit Law will be throwing down at our Mergers and Acquisitions workshop on November 29th. 🙂

Last week we shared the first 6 top tips on how you can network like a pro. Hopefully you had a chance to try a few of them out. See if you can try at least two of these out before Thanksgiving!

  1. Treat a junior-level worker to a holiday coffee. Those interns or entry-level employees may one day be in a position to recommend you for a job…or even hire you. It’s a Brave New World.
  2. Attend a New Tech event. It might be the holidays, but we’ve got some great opportunities on the calendar for November and December. If you’ve never attended an event, now might be the best time.
  3. Use Mr. (or Ms.) Postman. Holiday cards through the mail are not as common as they once were. Stand out from the crowd by sending a personalized holiday greeting to the members of your top-tier network.
  4. Work the infamous office party. Love it or hate it, the office holiday party is a time to chat with coworkers who might not be in your normal line of sight. If you don’t already know them, introduce yourself to the CEO, the receptionist, the intern and a random vice president.
  5. Reconnect with school friends. Use LinkedIn to find college alumni working near you and drop them a line. If there is a local alumni association, join it.
  6. Stretch out a helping hand. Others have helped you along your career path. The holiday season is a great time to extend your assistance to someone else. Join a mentor program or, if you can’t afford that much time, offer to meet with a new graduate or someone getting ready to graduate. Your advice could be invaluable.

These ideas are just a starting place. What’s your favorite way to network during the holidays?

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