Trump, Tech and The Inclusive Road Ahead

nte-nov-10Tuesday was election night. Wednesday was the hangover. Thursday our community came together at New Tech Eastside to celebrate diversity. Thanks to everyone who attended, and made it one of most amazing events we’ve had in 4 years. It’s time to understand what Trump voters were thinking and stand up and make a difference to continue creating a more inclusive world.

Our fantastic speakers shared inspiring stories of how their organizations and companies (like GoDaddy, ebay and Microsoft) have been building their companies with more women, older workers and under represented minorities. It was a magical night made even better by having people to connect and share with as we make sense of where our country may be headed. If you missed it, be sure to join us on December 6th for the Special Seattle Diversity in Tech event.

The main response to the presidential election for our community seems to be doubling down on collaboration and inclusion. Rather than buying into the fear and rhetoric of ‘others’ being a problem. Allies are feeling emboldened to stand up against racist and misogynistic behavior. We seem to agree with the famous McKinsey report that more diverse workforces produce more financially for companies. And it’s simply the right thing to do.

Last July 150 tech industry titans wrote an open letter predicting a Trump presidency would be disastrous for innovation. We can do our part to make sure that doesn’t happen by going forward together driving industries like VR/AR, space tech, IoT, mobile, the cloud and so many others booming in our region.

Remember all the great outcomes from the election for Washington State too. If you’re interested in being more aware of civic issues in Washington I highly recommend subscribing to our friend Sol’s Civic Minute newsletter.

Have a great rest of your week and I look forward to seeing you around town.

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