Two Tools You Need to Connect Better, Deeper & Faster with Your Community

Networking can be hard. Connecting in person can be hard. Making the most of networking or connecting can be even harder.

Today I’ll share a couple of tools with you that can make it much easier and better for you. We guarantee that if you attend any of our events you’ll walk away with at least two great new connections.  There are multiple ways we help you to make this happen.

There’s a new app made in Seattle that’s great for connecting – Mayo. They’ve presented at Founder’s Live, will present tonight at New Tech Tacoma,  and you can meet the founder next Tuesday at New Tech Eastside in Bellevue.

Mayo broadcasts to people in the same space to ask for help or give some help. Imagine being in a co-working space and needing a phone charger. With Mayo you can make the ask and people near you can easily offer theirs. Imagine being at an event and wanting to find the python developers in the room. Just ask and connect.

At our monthly New Tech events in Seattle, Bellevue and (quarterly) Tacoma we’ve been using a fantastic tool most people don’t realize is in the LinkedIn app on their phones. This tool works best if an event organizer announces how it works to the audience and everyone can try it out together.

LinkedIn Find Nearby allows anyone who turns it on to be found by others in the room. When you activate it on your phone you, and everyone else in real time who has it on, will see the profile picture, name, and title of everyone in the vicinity who also has it turned on. You can tap on an icon by each person to instantly send them a connection request and build up your LinkedIn network.

Additionally, by scanning the titles of people in the room and seeing their profile pictures you can discover who is nearby that is good for you to introduce yourself to. If you miss them at the event, now you’re connected and you can message them later on LinkedIn. Bonus either way. 🙂

This two apps will help you to connect, and if you need some tips on networking check out my past posts on networking for introverts and networking during the holidays. Happy connecting!

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