What a Great Week!

First off, Congratulations to the new Russak in town. Red and Rachel had their second child and first daughter on Tuesday. Samara Liv Russak is the newest addition to the New Tech community. Mozel Tov!

Secondly, thank you to everyone in the community who came out to our events in Seattle and Tacoma this week. The energy and fun level were crazy high! For those who think people don’t come out for November and December events, you missed out. Visit us in December and you’ll experience something special.

This is an interesting time of a whirlwind year. We’re hitting the ‘speed up before things slow down’ time, el nina is making things a little darker and wetter again, and Q4 (yeah, we’re halfway through Q4, wasn’t that fast?) is riding on a hopeful note with a new woman mayor and women making big strides in politics.

We just had our annual Diversity in Tech Eastside event and will be bringing more tech inclusion fun and focus to our December Seattle and Eastside events highlighting cool diverse things happening in tech. You’ll learn about training prisoners to code, the release of local tech icon Jonathan Sposato’s Better Together book, and innovation being created by women, Native Americans, and teens.

The way we look at Women in Tech and Diversity in Tech is that it sucks to use those terms, but highlighting them is the stepping stone we’re on as we build an inclusive path for our industry. The ultimate goal is to see diverse tech leaders, teams, and panelists and have it be so commonplace that we don’t need the labels anymore. One day it will just be cool people creating innovative tech.

Have a great Veteran’s Day weekend, thank your family and friends who serve to keep us safe, cheer the Seahawks on to a win tonight, and let us know if we can be of help in any way.

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