Your Escape From Email Hell

Between producing New Tech Seattle and New Tech Tacoma, doing regular work, and shoveling lots of snow multiple times to be able to use my driveway, writing an article for our newsletter and blog fell off the radar this week. So, I’m opting to write you a short note, but an impactful one.

There have been many times that I’ve thought about writing an article about how Superhuman has given me back hours in a day. Today is the day that article gets written. When products, companies, or any resources positively impact my life I love turning other people on to them.

If you feel like email sucks hours out of your day and you’re using Gmail then Superhuman will blow your mind. They cracked the code on how to set up email to not show you the emails that you don’t need to focus on, how to focus easily to quickly move through email responding, and to use keyboard shortcuts to manage email responses faster than you can imagine. And did I mention, it gets me to inbox zero almost daily?

There’s no affiliate code here for me to make money BTW, I’m just sharing about a great product because I’ve never come across anything as helpful to alleviate email pain. Also, it was created by Rahul Vohra who created Rapportive before selling it to LinkedIn. LinkedIn then proceeded to kill an amazing product :/ That tool was another favorite of mine that helped me to build my LinkedIn connections to 26,000+ so I was already a fan of his.

On a similar note, today I learned about InboxDone on the Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast. They have email specialists you can hire to train and take over managing your emails completely. This may be the next step for me to generate even more freedom.

Finally for today, Join us if you can next week for a great lineup of presenters at New Tech Eastside and/or learn about Unloop at our Diversity & Women in Tech event on Wednesday. We’ve been big supporters of Unloop since they launched in 2015. They help people in prison learn how to code and help them to get jobs once they’re out which helps them to rehabilitate and move on to being more productive in society. The coolest part, there’s no internet access in prison, so they learn to code without being online!

Stay safe and warm, be kind, and I hope to see you next week!

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