Your Guide to the Best of Seattle for Your Life, Career and Company   

How’s your 4th quarter of 2018 going? It seems like time is flying by and Seattle is changing by the minute. I’ve had some patches of getting down with the whirlwind of change that’s wiping out pieces of Vintage Seattle culture and the civilized ways of how we treat each other. Have you?

I remember landing at Seatac 6 years ago and seeing 4 random acts of kindness from the time the plane landed to when the doors opened to let everyone off. That moment crystallized Seattle for me as one of the few truly civilized cities I’d experienced and a culture I appreciated for how rare and special it is.

Since then, all the factors we constantly talk about (traffic, congestion, housing prices, rents escalating, cranes, the things that make Seattle funky and interesting getting replaced by stale skyscrapers) have increased disappointment, stress and anger in a lot in the people I talk with.

The abundant community minded ‘give first’ mentality of our collaborative culture is getting tested by a lot more ‘me first’ scarcity mentality ways of operating creeping in.

For me, Red and our team and community, New Tech’s foundation is having a thriving community assisting each other. Yes, with tech industry stuff, but also connecting in authentic ways and being real with each other. Because of that, and to help those of you feeling like the Seattle freeze is a real thing, today I’d like to remind you about the resource pages on our site.

You can check out our Resource Guide to discover great organizations across the PNW for whatever stage your career or company are in. Whether you need to know about angel funding, books, co-working spaces, diversity and inclusion support, events to attend, promoting your events, getting financing, giving back and volunteering, finding interns, PNW tech news, podcasts, or simply finding fun things to do in Seattle we’ve got you covered.

We’re better together. No matter how fast Seattle seems to be hurling into being like NYC, SF or LA with our skyrocketing cost of living and new congestion, you’ve got the New Tech community to tap into whenever you like for a dose of relationships over transactions.

The people and how we treat each other are one of Seattle’s greatest assets. Thanks for being a part of our community that cares about helping each other however we can to keep making life and work in the PNW more awesome all the time.

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