Brett Greene

Founder, New Tech Northwest. Tireless connector, marketing strategist, lover of community, and innovation ecosystem builder. Brett’s life adventure has included being a DJ and Program Director at a community radio station in Las Vegas, promoting and going on the road with bands including the Ramones and Live as a Promotion Director at music labels, and speaking at the White House’s first Tech Meetup. He has worked with hundreds of startups, and dozens of bands, Fortune 50 companies, non-profits and government officials. Brett loves collaboratively creating a better and more equitable world together.
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Red Russak

Co-Founder, New Tech Northwest. Accomplished startup community builder, enterprise sales professional, and devoted husband and father. Red is always looking to help grow communities both locally and abroad!
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Kemi Adeyemi

Events & Operations, New Tech Northwest. Emerald City native who has spent most of her career managing events for the local technology industry. Kemi creates events and experiences that allow space for people to learn, celebrate, and make meaningful connections. An avid lover of dogs (ask her about Enzo), Canadian television, stand up comedy, and stand up paddle boarding.
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Kathleen May-Greene

Marketing and Communications Director, New Tech Northwest. Business, and Technical Communications Specialist who loves working with innovative companies to shape brand stories into compelling messages that attract new customers and clients using persuasive writing, deep research and thoughtful interviews. Kat is also a shameless foodie lucky enough to have called San Francisco, Seattle and Boulder home.
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Elizabeth Scallon

Diversity & Women in Tech Coordinator, New Tech Northwest. Award winning leader in the PNW startup ecosystem, Elizabeth is a scientist, mentor, and 15-year leader in scientific and technological innovation. Previous to WeWork Labs, Elizabeth led the team at CoMotion Labs at the University of Washington coaching and growing the robust bench of NW tech and biotech startups, and helping the University to be best in class for Innovation. An out lesbian from before the L Word pilot episode, Elizabeth has a passion for spotlighting and developing outsider voices, a tendency that aided her biotech startup team at VLST (her title: Head of Ops) grow to 50 employees and $35M in funding.
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Dan Kihanya

Startup Insights, New Tech Northwest. A serial entrepreneur with experience across many aspects of the start-up ecosystem – including founder, early exec, investor, and advisor. Also founder, co-creator, and host of podcast focused on founders from underrepresented backgrounds – Founders Unfound.
Lucky to be  part of four B2C startup journeys as an operator & co-founder.  Helped raise many rounds of Angel and venture., leading to a few exits. I enjoy helping entrepreneurs avoid the mistakes I made and replicate the successful moves. I am passionate about the hunt for product market fit and telling founder stories.
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Holly Saultman (Lewis)

Volunteer Director, New Tech Northwest. I value networking, building community, and creating authentic relationships in person and on the intergalactic highway. I take a consultative approach to help my clients solve people, technical, and operational challenges which result in saving time and money. Humor is my other natural talent, and I promise to make you laugh once you take my call.
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Greg Bulmash

Registration Director, New Tech Northwest. Self-taught full-stack web developer with a degree in Creative Writing been who’s been building web content for 20 years. Besides being known for his work as a Developer Evangelist at Amazon and Lead Organizer at Seattle CoderDojo, Greg is also known for the urban legend he accidentally created in 1997 that continues to end up in inboxes and Facebook feeds (like George Takei’s in May 2015).
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Thubten Comerford

Founder, NewTech PDX (NTNW Affiliate). Thubten is a serial tech entrepreneur, new media publisher, international public speaker, and tech community organizer. He began his tech marketing career at Apple Computer in 1990, where he realized his path was to help ordinary people maximize their use of technology. Thubten is very active in the Pacific Northwest’s startup community and has been a Tibetan Buddhist teacher since 1997.
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