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One of the benefits of being active in the New Tech community is receiving swag, discounts, and specials from companies wanting to connect with our community. At events, attendees have received iPads, Kindle Fires, Xboxes, Sounders Tickets, Seahawks jerseys, alcohol mixer mini bottles, chocolate, candy, flash drives, water bottles, Amazon gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, t-shirts (LOTS of t-shirts), restaurant passes, movie passes and more!

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WTIA is a coalition of like-minded innovators and problem solvers who believe in harnessing the transformative potential of technology and our collective strengths to build a better, brighter world for everyone. Join over 1,000 Washington state tech companies as a Member to access benefits, build connections, and help foster a robust, equity-centered technology sector that empowers thriving communities. Learn more now!


Make your value crystal clear with Dialog Testimonial Videos
2 out of 3 people make a decision to buy after watching video testimonials. We’ll make you unforgettable to customers and candidates without you lifting a finger. How? We book a time for you, conduct the interview remotely, edit the videos, and even publish the videos on social media (if you need it). Ready to make selling/hiring easier? Learn more here!


ALLtechAt ALLtech, we’re about helping emerging tech companies get the resources they need to level the playing field (at least when it comes to employee benefits) to compete for talent with the bigger players.  Whether you are a two-person shop getting serious about your side hustle, or a unicorn on a hiring spree, we have a benefit plan to fit your needs. Learn more about us at or click here to request a quote – it’s fast, free and easy to find the benefits right for you!

Everybody deserves a good brand – large or small

We’re a distributed creative agency spanning from the U.S. west coast to Latin America and Europe helping companies from small to medium up to fortune 50 to reach their goals in production, traditional, digital and social marketing. Reach out to learn more about how we can help your brand today!


Ready to transform your career and elevate your leadership skills?
CityU’s MBA program provides a cutting-edge framework of the emerging skills, knowledge, and tools demanded of today’s business enterprises. Developed in partnership with business leaders from key industries, what you learn here will prepare you for success! Take the next step!


Less Annoying CRM promises 3 things no other CRM can – 1. Veteran customer service representatives. 2. One low price and NO upcharges. 3. Utter commitment to small businesses.w Our mission is simple: help small businesses succeed. To do this, we’ve created a new breed of CRM software. We focus on giving our customers what they really need, and nothing they don’t. That means no annoying buzzwords, no confusing pricing plans, no long-term contracts, and none of those other things that we all know are annoying. Start your free trial today!



Escalon is the largest CFO, Accounting, Tax, and HR outsourcing company in the country. We work with early-stage companies from pre-revenue and often work with them beyond their series C round of financing. We also have helped SMB’s fill in the gaps for their back office when a key controller, accountant, or bookkeeper has left. We are proud to serve New Tech Northwest, and are offering 50% off of our onboarding fees and $500 off of your Corporate Taxes. Please contact Rob Ricciardelli and mention New Tech Northwest for your discounts.


Get your work done in a productive and healthy environment, 24×7. Whether its a hot desk for the day, conference room for a business meeting, or a private office for your startup venture to grow in, all our workspaces are equipped with state-of-the-art ergonomic sit/stand desks and tables.  The facility also features two event space spaces as well as a fully-equipped photo studio. The first 100 customers to sign up with discount code WELCOME100 receive a $100 credit.


Transform your business with Tryolabs, a leading boutique AI consulting firm with over a decade of experience. Our expert team specializes in predictive analytics, computer vision, and natural language processing, which enables us to provide end-to-end AI solutions. We have a proven track record of

accelerating AI adoption for global companies like NVidia, Allianz, The RealReal, and other Fortune 500 clients. From advisory to deployment, Tryolabs will guide you through every step of your AI journey. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your business today.


The CollectiveThe Collective is all about making connections, pursuing passions, and entrepreneurship. Hosting awesome folks like you is the highlight of their community. You’re invited to spend a day at The Collective Basecamp to experience their space, socialize with members, and find community!  Spend the day as suits your needs. Their members use the space to socialize, attend member events, boulder, work in the bungalows or to borrow a book and relax in the lounge. The more the merrier. Book your Day Pass now. Charter Bus is a group transportation service based in Seattle. We want to offer $100 off any charter bus, minibus or shuttle rental, each time a group books a bus. This discount does not expire. In order to redeem the discount:
1 – Email us at with the subject line “New Tech Northwest discount with National Charter Bus”
2 – Call us at 206-388-3382 to speak to a reservation agent.

No more digging through stale documentation! Stack Overflow for Teams gives your team a private, secure home for questions and answers, reducing siloed knowledge and the time it takes to find the right information. Give your team a centralized source-of-truth, allowing the entire team to focus on building better software.Get one month free of Stack Overflow for Teams Basic tier when you sign up for an annual subscription. Enter your email at the top of the page to get started. Sign Me Up!


Discover the foundation, power, and necessity of visual communication with this essential guide. Killer Visual Strategies traces the history of visual communication and explores why it now plays an integral role in our daily lives. Find actionable rules to follow for creating high-impact visual content, explore the latest trends, and look forward to what lies ahead in this dynamic field. Get your copy here!