Executive Coaching

You Deserve a Great Coach to
Help You Thrive as a Leader During Major Change

Our Executive Coaching program is designed specifically for Director to C-Suite level leaders to create high-impact outcomes.

Whether you’re a seasoned executive, a successful entrepreneur, or an up-and-coming leader, the challenges you’re facing can be better managed and overcome with the support of an experienced coach at your side.

Business today is changing at exponential speeds increasing overwhelm, stress, and loneliness for leaders. You’re not alone.

You can benefit from coaching on everything from making more money, getting promoted, decreasing overwhelm, improving your communication, confidence, or leadership skills, to developing better skills around productivity, team building, marketing strategy, product-market-fit, problem solving more effectively, business operations, and gaining more influence within your companies political matrix.

What major changes are stressing you out right now that a great coach could help you with?

Are You a Good Fit for our Executive Coaching Program?

  1. Unique Tech Industry Expertise: Our coaching programs are led by New Tech Northwest’s Founder, Brett Greene. He is a serial entrepreneur who has coached hundreds of startup and tech leaders through New Tech Northwest, Techstars, SXSW, Founder Institute, Scale Up Washington, Founders Network, Washington Technology Industry Association, University of Washington’s , University of Washington’s Foster School of Business Product Management Center, Pacific Northwest Economic Region, and Seattle Women in Technology. His extensive experience of over 15 years coaching leaders in the tech industry  with a Masters in psychology makes him uniquely-equipped to understand the exact challenges and opportunities you face.
  2. Personalized Approach: You have deep experience and knowledge that you may be overlooking and we can help you to start using again.Does that saboteur-imposter-syndrome voice get more time in your brain the voice of your Leader Within?Would you like to make decisions more instinctively from the wisdom and perspective of your Leader Within?

    Are you in touch with your Leader Within as you go through your day facing challenges, assessing opportunities, and leading your team?

    How much better would your outcomes be if you simply learned how to live more of your moments in the strength of your Leader Within, Higher Self, or whatever name you use for who you are when you’re connected to your purpose and delivering in your flow?
    We believe in a customized coaching experience that targets your specific needs, strengths, and aspirations. Our one-on-one sessions will provide you with actionable insights and strategies to tackle any professional hurdles.

  3. Leadership Development: As a tech leader, you are the driving force behind your team’s success. Our coaching will focus on enhancing your leadership skills, communication, and emotional intelligence, empowering you to lead from your values with confidence in your capabilities to be more impactful.
  4. Strategic Vision: Through our coaching process, we will help you refine your strategic vision and align your professional goals with the long-term objectives of your organization.
  5. Performance Enhancement: Uncover ways to optimize your productivity, decision-making, and time management, leading to higher efficiency and outstanding results.
  6. Confidence and Resilience: Develop the self-assurance and resilience required to overcome challenges and embrace Achieve a healthy work-life balance by exploring strategies to manage stress and prioritize personal well-being without compromising professional success.
  7. Unique Access to Our Vast Network of Resources: Gain access to New Tech’s tech industry experience and extensive network of connections. We have almost 20 years of relationships throughout the tech world. We know the people, strategies, tools, and organizations that can solve your problems. As a New Tech coaching client, you’ll have immediate opportunities and professional introductions and insights that you may not attain otherwise.

What’s the Process?

  1. Schedule your discovery call. We’ll look at what you want, what’s in the way, and what’s missing. Then you’ll receive a mini coaching session on the issue with the greatest potential impact on your career, company, or life. From there we’ll decide together whether or not we’re the best coaching fit to get you where you want to go.
  2. If we both believe that our coaching program is right for you then you can choose the right package for you.

Invest in Your Future: Unlock Your True Potential

Embark on a transformational journey that will redefine your leadership style and unlock the untapped potential within you. Our executive coaching program is designed to provide a confidential, safe space for you to explore your strengths, address weaknesses, expand your personal growth, and chart a course for success.

Reach out now to schedule a complimentary consultation.

“For any business owners looking to scale, I would highly recommend New Tech coaching with Brett to help challenge and grow your team! When I started my agency (Killer Visual Strategies), I hired Brett to help train and coach my marketing team. The result was amazing! Following Brett’s work with us, my marketing team was more confident, data-driven, and ambitious than ever before. I’ve personally grown from Brett’s advice and guidance over the years as well. He’s been a great guide and confidant to have in my corner!” – Amy Balliett, Founder & CEO, Killer Visual Strategies (acquired by  LRW Group)

“I hired Brett to help me with marketing for my startup.  Brett’s executive coaching brought so much more to the table than just the marketing support I was looking for. His understanding of human psychology and behavior helped us immensely in putting together personas for our customers.  His thorough and methodical approach helped us build a large pipeline of prospects in a very short period of time.  Personally, everything that I know about digital marketing started with Brett’s coaching and mentoring.  His patience and ability to explain complex ideas in simple terms make him an asset for anyone looking to work with him.”
-Harinderpal Hanspal, Cofounder / COO, Nurego (Acquired by General Electric)

“Brett’s expertise has been extremely helpful while planning our latest campaign. He was able to quickly focus our attention on what matters most in our messaging and communications.”
– Ethan P Goodman, Founder, Tech4Housing


” – Bradley James, VP engineering, White Pages

“My leadership capabilities have grown measurably and quickly after working with Brett. I always look forward to our sessions because Brett is an incredible listener who is super comfortable to be with. He asks insightful questions that reveal hidden challenges, uncovers pain points, and brings new solutions to light. I would recommend Brett to any professional interested in lasting improvement.” – Stuart Butler, Founder & President, Butler Seattle & Events (Seattle’s Largest Award Winning Transportation company

Experience the Power of Executive Coaching Yourself Now

You won’t know how helpful executive coaching can be to improve your life and career until you try it yourself. Your first executive coaching 60-minute session is FREE with ZERO obligation. We’ll create an initial strategy for you to start closing the gap between where you are now and having what you really want.

When you choose to start an executive coaching program with us you can choose from coaching packages starting with a minimum of two sessions. Once your coaching program starts you can decide how long to continue and can end your coaching program at any time for any reason.