ADHD Oasis Peer Mentoring Group

June 28, 2024 12:00 pm PDT
Join a one-of-a-kind eight week Peer Mentoring Group experience for tech professionals living with ADD/ADHD. You have a rare opportunity to discover how to better manage your ADHD strengths and weaknesses in a professional, peer-supported environment led by an expert coach who fully understands your challenges and gifts.

About This Event

Leverage your ADHD for More Success
by Joining the ADHD Oasis Peer Mentoring
Summer 2024 Cohort

You’ll connect, share experiences, and learn from fellow ADHDers who work in the tech industry in a safe and supportive environment.

As a member, you’ll have access to a small committed community of like-minded individuals who understand the unique challenges that come with ADHD to help you make the big impacts you may be missing now.

Experienced mentors who provide guidance, support, and encouragement will help you achieve your goals as you develop new skills and make new friends with ADHD.

Through group meetups, breakouts, and one-on-one sessions, you’ll gain valuable insights and strategies to manage your ADHD symptoms and improve your overall well being.

Don’t let ADHD hold you back! Join the ADHD Oasis Peer Mentoring Group today and take the first step towards a brighter future. With our help, you’ll gain the skills and confidence you need to thrive and succeed.

“New Tech’s ADHD Group Coaching has been an important part of my journey towards accepting and managing my ADHD diagnosis. Being a part of a group of other professionals who are also affected by ADHD has been not only cathartic but has also made me more comfortable with sharing my diagnosis and my experiences with others.

Brett has done a wonderful job of managing the group, striking the right balance between providing structure and topics to the coaching sessions, while allowing the group to share their experiences and strategies and ultimately dictate the flow of the sessions.” – Niki Yoshiuchi, Lead MTS, Salesforce

“I learned more from today‘s ADHD group conversation about ADHD and its effect on executive function, as well as tips/tools that might help improve certain functions/behaviors in the workplace than I have with several hours of direct counseling. The New Tech ADHD OASIS meetup group was extremely inspiring and I have a lot of homework to do based on what I heard today.”

– N.S., Director, Business Development

‘Tis the Season – Give yourself the gift of personal growth.
Choose your main  focus and we’ll help you achieve it.

Maybe you’re undiagnosed, but experience ADHD symptoms. While there is no replacement for a professional diagnosis from a licensed expert, if any of this feels familiar, you can take this test to assess whether you might have a neurodiverse brain.

You’re not broken or alone! There are many ways to make the most of your ADHD Superpowers and better manage your ADHD Kryptonite behaviors. How would you like more happiness and less stress?

When you join a group of allies who are also managing ADHD, or establish one-on-one coaching with an ADHD specialist, both solutions can assist you in building better support strategies, systems and communities.

Imagine living in a world where you could get a slide deck done in 90 minutes, instead of spending all weekend on it? What if something was due on Monday at noon and you were 100% sure you could get it done on time, be productive, and not worry about emotional dysregulation? Would you like to learn how to break things into easy and manageable pieces?

You may never have a better working memory or Executive Function, but you can develop helpful systems that will back you up, reduce your stress, and provide more time to do the stuff you really want to do, and probably have been missing. These are some new habits and more proactive behaviors we’ve helped people create. 

“I didn’t find out that I had ADHD until I was 51. Getting that diagnosis put a lot of things in perspective for me as someone who has been starting SAAS companies for 20 years. There’s a reason why I’m attracted to entrepreneurship. First, it taps into a lot of the things I’m good at around problem solving and getting a healthy dose of new challenges. Second, I probably wasn’t a terrific employee. My undiagnosed ADHD made it hard for me to be good at taking on complex projects, staying organized, and meeting deadlines. Unfortunately, working for myself didn’t make me good at that stuff, it just meant that I couldn’t get fired. Brett has really helped me to level up as an entrepreneur. Together, we’ve been ramping up my executive function skills so that I can delegate better, get big projects done more efficiently, and spend more time leveraging my ADHD superpowers. I’m having more fun than I’ve ever had and becoming the entrepreneur I’ve always wanted to be.”
– Richard G, Serial SaaS Founder and Chief Revenue Officer

“Brett and I met at a period in my life of significant change and self-reflection. Brett was instrumental in helping me establish a foundation and direction for accelerated personal growth and refocus on my career. An active and compassionate listener, Brett doesn’t attempt to provide one-dimensional solutions but rather paths of learning and discovery that allow for greater understanding, rumination, and integration. I intend to keep Brett within reach for years to come, and I would recommend working with Brett to any professional seeking active and lasting growth.” – Bradley James, VP Engineering, White Pages

“New Tech ADHD Coaching with Brett Greene has been invaluable in helping me explore what is meaningful to me professionally and instilling in me the confidence necessary to seek out a career path that aligns with my goals.

Brett has helped me to think about my neurodiversity as an asset rather than a weakness, improve my public speaking, and take concrete steps toward pursuing a career at the intersection of what I’m good at and passionate about.

I always finish our sessions with a warm feeling and renewed optimism to tackle career challenges. Through Brett’s sessions, I’ve learned how career planning, Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, ADHD, leadership development, relationship building, and public speaking are all related. I’ve also developed healthy new daily habits, such as leaving my phone in another room while working for at least a couple hours every day, and enjoyed being in a group of other professionals with ADHD to learn from other people’s experiences.” – TH, Amazon

If you’re not happy with your ADHD management, what is it worth for you to have peace of mind, understanding, support, and effective routines, rituals and right systems for success?

Peer Mentoring Benefits

  • Build impactful friendships with fellow professionals with ADHD for mental health support
  • Plan your days, weeks, months, and year effectively
  • Grow your self-compassion
  • Improve your communication and relationships at work and home
  • Receive consistent professional ADHD group coaching to build traction towards success
  • Discover how to make the most of your ADHD super powers like hyper focusing, creativity, intuition, and more
  • Learn how to better manage your ADHD kryptonite like anxiety, depression, analysis paralysis, overwhelm, miscommunication, imposter syndrome, and more
  • Discover strategic systems to improve your executive function and working memory issues
  • Achieve the goals you’re missing due to ADHD challenges
  • Decrease your stress, frustration, anxiety, depression and overwhelm
  • Feel understood with people who ‘get you’ in ways your friends and family don’t

Peer Mentoring Details

  • Limited to eight to ten members
  • Eight weeks of  virtual 60-minute Peer Mentoring sessions
  • One virtual 30-minute 1:1 ADHD Coaching session
  • One or more virtual or in person 30 minute 1:1 peer/buddy conversation per month
  • One in person group happy hour meetup
  • Unlimited email executive coaching support
  • Only $997

“Being in the New Tech ADHD Coaching group led by Brett Greene has given me my voice. I have felt a lot more bold about not hiding my ADHD and stopped taking the blame and instead putting a name to it. Now I’m upfront and transparent with family and friends which has greatly improved our communication and decreased the challenges related to ADHD.

I’m empowered. Because of this knowledge I’m not going to take it all on anymore. It’s a neurodiverse behavior that I have, not something to hide. I feel unburdened because I can be outright about it. Brett’s coaching helped guide me in gaining insight, tools & support to help me reframe my thinking, live more confidently & authentically & thrive as a high-performing neurodivergent professional. ” – Eileen Lambert, Latine Strategic Consultant & Womxn in Tech



Brett Greene

Brett Greene is the award-winning Founder of the New Tech Northwest community of 60,000+ technologists and the Atomic ADHD online community. He is also an ADHD Coach who has a master’s degree in counseling psychology, and almost 20 years of experience coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals to create fulfilling high-impact lives, careers, companies, and exits including one to a Fortune 50 company. Brett offers private coaching programs, neuro-inclusive corporate trainings, and peer mentoring groups for entrepreneurs and professionals with ADHD. Schedule a discovery call today to learn how his unique coaching programs can help you or your company to thrive.